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The Unreal World of Reality TV

As a team with a rotating cast of contributors and interns, The Puritan’s publicity department is constantly evolving. The camaraderie built here, on the front lines of the magazine’s daily functions, inspired a new look at the contemporary concept of the “public”—specifically on the internet and on television.

A collaborative team of editors as well as current and former publicity staff, Rudrapriya Rathore, Kathryn Stagg, Amy Oldfield, Pamela Dungao, and Hannah Leadley are searching for submissions on the theme of reality television and its engagement with public and private spaces.

How has the popularity of shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, Hoarders, Real Housewives, or The Biggest Loser changed the way we think about the most interesting or shameful parts of daily life? Why are millions hungry for carefully filmed, over-produced images of celebrities doing mundane things, or ordinary people doing ridiculous things? Why is the transparent performance of privacy so integral to our enjoyment of these scenes? And why is the voyeuristic pleasure we gain from them so often based in the debasement or mockery of the people on screen? As watchers of reality television, the editorial team recognizes that particular ironies exist in our consumption of these shows. We are interested in your rituals, experiences, associations, and obsessions, and encourage experimental or unusual formats of writing.

Please submit inquires and pitches responding or adding to the above to with the subject line “REALITY TV: (your name)” by no later than December 20th, 2017, with a December 31st deadline for completed pieces.

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