Klara du Plessis

Klara du Plessis curates the Resonance Reading Series in Montreal

Six times a year, the Town Crier hands itself over to a guest editor. Curators are free to publish for a month on any literary topic of their choosing. Klara du Plessis will be curating the Town Crier blog in the month of October. Her call-out for submissions follows.

I’m looking for essays (non-fiction, personal, interview) for the Town Crier on the experience of writing in English as a second-language speaker. Did you grow up speaking a different language than you communicate in as an adult? Does this language function as a mask to depersonalize or a medium to express more clearly? As a polyglot, is self-translation part of the creative process? How does a plurality of vocabularies influence writing in a single language? Do you do multilingual writing? How could this alienate the intended audience or exoticize a foreign language? Is there a creative or intellectual hierarchy between the languages you speak or write in? Have you lived in communities/countries that communicate in different languages and has this move had political-linguistic implications? Responses to these questions and more.

Message me at klaraduplessis@gmail.com to pitch ideas!

Deadline: 15 August

Klara du Plessis is a poet residing alternately in Montreal and Cape Town. A chapbook, Wax Lyrical, is due for release Spring 2016 (Anstruther Press). Klara routinely writes essays and reviews about contemporary poetry, and curates the monthly, Montreal-based Resonance Reading Series.

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