ghost stories

The Headless Horseman and The Town Crier want your ghost stories!

In October, our blog, The Town Crier, will talk about ghosts. Maybe you grew up in a haunted house. Maybe you received a visit from a deceased relative in a dream. Maybe a wet, angry, dark-haired child crawled through your TV and damaged your floors.

We’re looking for your experiences with and curiosities about ghosts. Please submit your essays, interviews, and fictitious realities. They can be mythical, inherited, or imagined. We want to hear your ghost stories as well as your relationship to horror, hauntings, and the other-worldly. It’s okay if you don’t believe. It’s also okay if you do.

Submissions are open until August 31st, 2017. Email with any drafts, pitches, or questions or send us a complete submission on our Submittable.

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