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As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary submissions south of the border, we present a call out for The Woven Tale Press. Read on to hear their mandate from their editor-in-chief.

The Woven Tale Press is an interactive online literary and fine arts magazine, and our mission is to grow traffic to noteworthy writers, photographers, and artists across the World Wide Web. By growing this web traffic, we aspire to garner the interest of galleries and literary agents who may turn to our pages seeking new talents. Today, WTP has a combined following of 9, 000 and over 2700 site hits per month.

Since its inception in 2013, The Woven Tale Press has been through quite an evolution. While I knew it would be web-based, my initial focus was to feature noteworthy bloggers; I had been blogging for a couple of years and was frustrated with how quickly posts were relegated to my archives and how my web presence was largely obscured by the vastness of the cybersphere.

This obscurity on the web can seem analogous to that of the lone writer or the artist in his studio, and for me, to my own mother; growing up, I witnessed how she persevered through self-doubts and disappointments to hone her own unique statement as a visual artist, and quite literally, in the obscurity of our cellar. The only truly bright light was a reflective one, off of a canvas, fresh paint glistening in the dull glow of a single overhead lamp. That is how I remember my mother’s paintings, quite literally luminous in an otherwise dark space.

My mother’s years of painting in that cellar can serve as an apt metaphor for what we strive for at WTP: to bring to light works by writers and artists who otherwise may be toiling away in their own “cellars.” For every artist’s or writer’s website, there is that creative soul persevering in isolation, to hone his or my own unique statement, be it on a canvas, the page, or in any other medium. And it is perseverance often plagued with doubts: Am I any good? Am I just wasting my time?

These are age-old questions with every new rejection, and for many, these questions may go unanswered. But validation in creative endeavors is much about being seen or heard—artists and writers long for an audience, and in this digital age, recognition in the cybersphere is rivalling that in the brick-and-mortar world. As editor-in-chief of The Woven Tale Press, I am always seeking out others toiling away, to illuminate those talents hidden in the shadows across the World Wide Web.

Besides our magazine, we have much to offer on our site, so take a peek at our features, ranging from interviews and cutting-edge videos, to book, art reviews, and even website reviews. We also offer guidelines to how to get your own website up and running within an hour—this is a prerequisite for publication in our magazine; our way of nudging serious artists and writers to develop a web presence if they haven’t already. It is a must in this digital era!

Take a look at our latest issues at www.thewoventalepress.net and consider submitting at http://www.thewoventalepress.net/how-to-submit/. Any questions can be directly sent to me at editor(a)thewoventalepress(dot).net. And we are happy to walk you through getting that website up and running!

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