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Author Note: Jay Ritchie

by Jay Ritchie

You can find Jay Ritchie’s poems “Hôtel-Dieu” and “As If We Aren’t Massive” in The Puritan’s Spring Issue 37. He explains the inspiration of “Hôtel-Dieu” in this author note.


The Hôtel-Dieu hospital is located on St. Urbain Street in Montreal, along the 55 bus route,

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The Appeal of the Personal

by Kathryn Stagg

There’s a story from my childhood that I keep trying to write, each time attempting to get a little bit closer to describing what I’ve since lost, and each time getting a little bit further away from what the story once was. Personal writing today is enjoying unprecedented popularity. Not only do literary bestsellers like Karl Ove Knausgaard and Maggie Nelson engage extensively with the personal,