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BC Publishing Spotlight: Kevin A. Couture

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the last year, The Puritan’s Town Crier blog has featured short interviews with BC authors conducted by BC publishing professionals. The latest in the series is an interview with author Kevin A. Couture with publicist and author Nathaniel G. Moore.

Kevin A.

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How Do We Fix The CanLit Canon

by Jacqueline Valencia

It was only in the last few years that I heard of the term decolonization. Let’s tear down the establishment, remove the system that is holding back so many, and rebuild anew so that it is accountable to all is a fine cause. We hear decolonization in the speeches of protest and in written words calling out for change.

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Review: Not Even Laughter by Phillip Crymble

by Lorraine York

From Salmon Poetry and the lovely Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland, comes Phillip Crymble’s first full-scale collection Not Even Laughter. Crymble, born in Belfast, a teacher for many years at the University of Michigan, and now based in New Brunswick, has published many of these poems in Canada (Arc,