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Author Note: William Kemp

by William Kemp

The poem “Boomer Sooner” appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of The Puritan. As part of The Town Crier’s Author Notes series, William Kemp gives us a glimpse into the making of the piece.

“Boomer Sooner” is a found poem comprised (almost) entirely of lines spoken by legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross on commentary—a few lines are from backstage interviews and one is from a tweet,

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On the Creative Craft as the Craft of Correcting

by Natalie Wee

It was February 1st. Following a poetry reading with many other creators and activists on January 20th, poet Moez Surani sent a package addressed to Secretary-General António Guterres of the United Nations. Enclosed in this package was his third book, ةيلمع Operación Opération Operation Oперация,

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Author Note: Maureen Scott Harris

by Maureen Scott Harris

Maureen Scott Harris is the author of the poem “Nijinsky,” which appeared in Issue 35 of The Puritan. In this author note, Harris describes some of the background to the poem’s composition.

In 2014 I saw a performance by the National Ballet of Canada of John Neumeier’s ballet Nijinsky—a brilliant work brilliantly danced.