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The First Dime

by Nikki Reimer with Mike Reimer

I arrived at Theatre Junction Grand for my first literary festival appearance in the city where I was raised, from which I had fled, and grudgingly found myself again. The host wfas young and attractive, in his early twenties, and smartly dressed, with a swooping, middle-parted bowl cut that reminded me of the cool junior high boys of 1992.

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An Introduction to October: Ghost Stories

by Aurora Stewart de Peña

I’ll spend more time dead than I will alive. That’s a hard thing for me to be okay with. Being alive is what I know, and I love it. All my feelings, all my friends, getting rained on and going swimming, these won’t be things that are easy to let go of, when the time comes.

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Holy Wild and Poetry as a Mediator

by Gwen Benaway

Gwen Benaway participates in Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series on the theme of convergence in her work. Gwen Benaway’s third book, Holy Wild, is forthcoming from BookThug in 2018.

Q: Writing converges different forms of knowing in ways that allow for the possibilities of knowledge to become particularly expansive because this seems to require listening for what is unknown to us.