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The Vivid Inner Life of Julieta

by Paula Razuri

I turned to Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver as a way to return to reality after finishing a large project on themes of motherhood and authorship in Alice Munro and Elena Ferrante. Tired from having given up so much energy on the project, I expected to be comforted by Spanish-speaking voices,

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Post-Truth Politics and the Creative Craft

by Natalie Wee

Six times a year, The Town Crier hands itself over to a guest editor. Curators are free to publish for a month on any literary topic of their choosing. This March, Natalie Wee will be curating a month called “Post-Truth Politics & the Creative Craft.”

What implications does a post-truth world have on the creative arts—especially when the latter has so often been upheld as the bastion of political and artistic resistance?

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Only Connect

by RM Vaughan

I write criticism for money. Not much money. Don’t get excited now. Meanwhile, my own works are frequently the subject of criticism, including, and usually most vociferously, the criticism I write for money. My criticism gets criticism. Look it up. I wrote a book about this, called Compared to Hitler: Selected Essays.