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Spirit rescue medium visits home near the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey

I’m a spiritual medium and Reiki Master. After a career of over 20 years of engineering, including time as an aerospace engineer, I’m still surprised to find myself in this line of work.  My spiritual development began through Reiki, the channelling of energy to relieve stress and pain, but I have to admit that I never really wanted to learn Reiki. I sat in my first Reiki class because I lost a bet with a friend of mine who didn’t want to go to the class alone. The work I did in this class opened up my psychic abilities. As my gifts got stronger, I decided to become a psychic medium, communicating with clients’ loved ones who had passed away. In the process, I met earthbound spirits who were having trouble moving on, so I studied to become a spirit rescue medium to help these souls find the light. My strongest gift is clairvoyance or “clear seeing”—I “see” psychic information and receive evidence and messages through my mind’s eye, identifying and communicating with spirits and then using Reiki to create an energetic “door” for them to cross over.

Recently, a good friend contacted me to tell me about some of the experiences that a family was having in her home. Everyone in the family had been experiencing strange activity in and around their three-story, 100-year-old home located in the vicinity of the longest-lasting battle of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey. Different family members had seen shadowy figures in bedrooms and darting around the living areas. Objects were physically moved by unseen hands. Sometimes, they would hear footsteps in the attic as well as outside in the gravel driveway. When I heard that the daughter wouldn’t sleep in her own room because of the activity, I decided to pay them a visit.

At the onset, I asked for the full account of all paranormal activity, but I also ran my own paranormal investigation, bringing EMF meters, thermometers, and other devices to measure changes in the ambient energy of the rooms to help identify “hot spots” for more in-depth psychic work. My first psychic interaction with the home was feeling a swirling of energy beneath my feet in the newer living room. The family was surprised that my senses had detected a sealed well beneath the renovated floor. I could feel that this was a significant source of energy for nearby spirits.

I started the investigation upstairs, combining my psychic medium abilities with the read-outs of the paranormal equipment in each room. In the master bedroom, I could feel the denseness of the energy in the room, and my EMF meter started to flash, showing a significant energy shift. When I reached out psychically, my clairvoyance showed me a young woman in a dishevelled and soiled nightgown. I could “see” her plain as day, standing in the centre of the room as she frantically searched for something. Inviting her to speak with us, I turned on my Spirit Box, a frequency-hopping device like a radio that scans through FM frequencies at a rate of ten per second. Since spirits can use the Spirit Box’s white noise to communicate, I asked for her name, and to the shock of the family, we all heard a woman’s voice say “Wendy,” and then “Help me!” She psychically told me she had been looking for her sister for a long time. In shock, the family confirmed that they had seen this woman before.

The family was surprised that my senses had detected a sealed well beneath the renovated floor. I could feel that this was a significant source of energy for nearby spirits.

Later in this same room, I saw a shadow of an older man in a rumpled wool suit, staring out one of the windows that faced the woods behind the home. The family had witnessed him in this very same act on several occasions. Connecting psychically to him, he didn’t give me his name but he was very direct in stating the year “1940.”  This elderly man was holding a bag or satchel in his hand. Why were these spirits here?

Entering the daughter’s bedroom, I stopped in my tracks a few feet inside, feeling an energy disturbance like a swirling vortex in the floor near the bed. The daughter told me she was really uncomfortable being in here after having blankets pulled off of her bed and feelings of being watched. “Seeing” the energy distortions in the room, I started to search for a source, and I caught a vision of a little boy who ran and hid in a closet. I decided to cleanse this room and close this vortex, using my Reiki energy to neutralize the swirling energy in the floor. Once it was closed, the room felt lighter, and the ambient temperature went up about five degrees. I’d deal with the boy later.

In a third bedroom, the atmosphere was much more serene. I saw a tall young man, standing with his arms out wide, smiling at my being in what I later found out was his room. As a medium, I also use psychometry, the reading of physical pictures and objects, and pictures hanging in the room gave me messages about his deep connection with his family. This is when the family told me about their son, who had passed suddenly after a tragic event where he was left for dead. In spirit, however, he was actually enjoying his newfound ability to manipulate energy, and he was the same prankster now that he had always been. A few objects significant to him in life sat high on a shelf in the room; his high school football helmet and a football were both in glass cases and gave off a consistently high EMF radiation, demonstrating his continuing attachment to them.

For this case, the neighborhood around the home was just as important as the residence itself. After everything we had witnessed in the home, the family told me they also experienced things while sitting in their cars in the driveway. Following them out to the cars, I felt an energy surge go past me, and I traced it back to a small game trail going into the woods. Connecting psychically, I started to see a rather tired-looking group of blue-uniformed Revolutionary War soldiers, with bayonets on their rifles, slowly trudge by the very spot the cars were parked. They dragged their feet on the stones of the driveway, having little awareness of us standing there as they walked across the main road to head toward another property. When I described the soldiers dragging their boots on the gravel, the family looked at each other and told me they had heard shuffling outside on many occasions which sounded like humans, rather than the four-legged deer that roamed these woods.

Throughout my investigation inside the house, I kept being drawn downstairs, floor by floor, until I got to the first floor. I walked into the parlor and felt significant energy fluctuations. When I looked out a side window, I started to see energy distortions right above the storm doors leading to the basement. With the energy of the sealed well and the thick pressure of the air in the basement, I knew this was the spot I was looking for. Calling both out loud and psychically to the three spirits I encountered in the home, I invited “Wendy,” the old man, and the young boy to join the family and me in the basement. The family stood agape as the spirits intelligently interacted with the EMF meters and Spirit Box, giving more information about their plights. “Wendy” indicated she was essentially passing by the property in her search for her long-lost sister, and she noticed the energy of the sealed well that she could use to restore herself.  The old man informed us that he had been on the property for a long time. As an indication of an intelligent haunting, they complied with our request to wait a full 30 seconds before setting off the meters.

Using Reiki energy and my medium abilities, I slowly and carefully summoned high-vibrational energy to form a dimensional portal, a doorway through which the spirits could travel onward. I braced myself, and I spoke with Wendy first, helping her understand that her search was over because I felt her sister was already waiting for her on the other side.

Throughout my investigation inside the house, I kept being drawn downstairs, floor by floor, until I got to the first floor.

Summoning my energy and asking my spiritual guides to assist her, together we helped lead Wendy to the portal. She calmly stepped through it and was gone. Next, I worked with the old man, but he was reluctant to leave. When I connected psychically to him, he told me that the little boy was his grandson whom he didn’t want to leave behind, so I assured him the grandson would follow him soon. He let go of the boy’s hand, and he stepped through the portal himself. Finally, the little boy was eager to talk over the Spirit Box, telling us that his name was George. He didn’t want to stay here alone, so I invited him to follow his grandpa. I apologized to the family later, but I made them jump when I startled them with my sudden burst of laughter; in my vision, George was too short to step through the portal, so he had to pull himself up to the ledge and slide on his belly to get through it! I closed and sealed the portal behind George, confirming that all was quiet in the house through both physical and psychic means.

To my surprise, there was more to the old man’s haunting than what I had seen. One family member ran outside and returned with a rust-covered rectangle of metal he had found during renovations outside. When he gave it to me, I realized it was a license plate from 1939! This was intriguing after the old man kept sharing the year “1940,” and then I saw the other side of the plate had the letters “MD”—was the old man a doctor carrying his doctor’s bag?

This case was a great learning experience for me. Having all of those different levels of energy at once in the home led me to develop a few new techniques to help isolate and identify specific energies more effectively. It also reinforced how much a client appreciates joining the investigation to witness the physical proof of energy disturbances for themselves. I’m happy to say that since my visit, the family has returned to their normal routine, sleeping comfortably in their own beds and feeling the home is theirs again. On to the next!

Jeff Carpenter is a Reiki Master Teacher, psychic, and spirit medium who founded Dimensions Reiki in Matawan, NJ.  For more information on his services and other experiences, visit DimensionsReiki.com.

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