The Only Cafe, home of the Ruckus Reading Series, and a very cool bar.

The Toronto reading series youth movement is strong. You’ve all heard of Emerging Writers, which packs ’em in once a month at Duffy’s. But on the Danforth portion of the East-West subway line, the folks at The Ruckus Reading Series are preparing the second instalment of their own series aimed at amping things up a bit, at The Only Cafe. Now, you may be thinking, the Danforth, really? For excitement? I know, because without knowing anything about Toronto, I moved to the Danforth first, and found myself in a very pleasant, and convenient, isolation from the vibe I more enjoyed out west. But The Only was my Danforth refuge. I can vouch for the dope-ness of this establishment, and I haven’t even been there since they expanded and began featuring one craft beer tap for each hour of the day.

Eventually we will wrangle Jess Taylor into doing a proper profile of this up-and-coming reading series, but for now, here’s a pitch from the organizers. Think fast, because their second reading, featuring our very good friend Daniel Scott Tysdal, is this Sunday.

Also check out their impressively in-depth website. Interviews with all the readers, prefaced by profiles. This one, with Nicholas Daniel Michelis, is especially good. A pre-reading profile is rarely, if ever, this poignant; it stands on its own as a quality piece (and it’s an intro to his reading!).

From the Ruckus:

With a focus on work that engages the audience, The Ruckus Reading Series looks to bring together people who are enthusiastic about the written word, but aren’t interested in just sitting and listening quietly in a dim room. Come out, have a beer (or two, or three), and celebrate Toronto’s independent literary scene in the way it deserves to be celebrated (loudly and proudly). This Sunday (July 28th) at 7 pm, Ruckus invades one of the east end’s most infamous institutions, The Only Cafe, to bring you new and exciting work from Lucy Rose Coren, Nicholas Daniel Michelis, Maggie Thistle, and the nicest man in poetry, Daniel Scott Tysdal. Plus, a live musical performance from Robot Feels, and $5 pints from the Only’s 24 taps of craft beer. Admission is free, but according to the fire inspector, seating is limited.

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