House of Anansi Poetry Bash

Well folks, the launches keep coming. Nightwood Editions launched this past weekend, featuring Blaise Moritz, Brad Cran, Elizabeth Bachinsky and Jay MillAr. MillAr is also reading at Pivot Wednesday, with Mary Dalton, Guy Ewing and Michael Eden Reynolds. But will you check that out, or Wolsak and Wynn’s spring launch, featuring Tanis Rideout, Ken Howe and Chris Pannell? Decisions! But what about House of Anansi?

An easier choice comes Thursday, when House of Anansi launches at this year’s Launch Central, the Garrison (poetry’s takin’ over Dundas/Ossington—and if Andy Verboom’s right, you couldn’t ever fit any underwear in those skinny jeans anyway).

The only trouble there is: will you be able to get in? Last year at House of Anansi’s shindig, I was in the doorway of the giant auditorium at the Tranzac listening more to the Irish band in the Southern Cross down the hall than to the venerable poets on the stage in the big hall (not out of choice but because I couldn’t get in. Band wasn’t bad though). Luckily I was right near the book table, snagging three for the price of two. I guess they’re thinking Michael Crummey, Adam Dickinson and Sara Peters won’t draw like A.F. Moritz, Erin Knight and Dennis Lee. To rhyme in bad imitation of that last poet, we’ll see.

I might see you at the overflow bar at the front. Let’s hope there’s an Irish band playing and the book table’s accessible.

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