puritan co-founders

The Puritan co-founders Spencer Gordon and Tyler Willis

Dear Friends,

After over ten years, 35 issues, and collaboration with nearly 600 editors and writers, we have decided to step away from The Puritan as editorial leads. It’s been a rewarding experience to found and run a magazine, watch it grow and evolve, but The Puritan has achieved a momentum of its own, and we feel that it will continue to function and flourish without our direct involvement.

We will continue our friendly relationship with the magazine, of course; and we will serve in an advisory capacity wherever necessary. But effective immediately, The Puritan has a new directorial team at the helm—one made up of hardworking, selfless individuals who have played a crucial role in the magazine’s growth and improvement over the past many years.

While these are certainly people that long-time readers of the magazine will know, we thought it appropriate to identify the main actors taking up more work than ever before. The Puritan’s core editorial heads are:

André Forget, Managing Editor; Jason Freure, Operations and Blog Manager; Rudrapriya Rathore, Head of Publicity; Catriona Wright, Poetry Editor; E Martin Nolan, Interviews Editor; Bardia Sinaee, Reviews Editor; André Babyn, Fiction Editor; Khalida Hassan, Marketing and Advertising Manager; Emma Dolan, Graphic Design Manager; Kirstie Turco, Proofreader; and Andrew Sullivan, Noor Naga, and Adam Zachary, Associate Editors.

The magazine is also staffed by a group of nearly 40 readers, staff writers, and publicity agents who shoulder a massive amount of work each season, and without whom we would have no magazine at all.

So, and perhaps for the last time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the countless writers, designers, editors, publicists, programmers, reprobates, comrades, and well-wishers who have allowed The Puritan to transform from a fledgling idea, sparked in the crisp fall of 2006 by clueless undergraduate students, to the living, breathing community it has become in 2017. There are quite literally too many people to name and thank—but know that we will remember your generosity (and good humour!) forever.

Under new management, we are confident that the magazine will continue to evolve, develop, and enrich the fertile landscape of Canadian literature. And we are confident that the memories and friendships we have made as editors will last us the rest of our lives.

With love, respect, and maypoles,

Spencer Gordon and Tyler Willis

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