Subprimal Poetry Art

Subprimal Poetry Art pays for poetry and flash faction

While The Puritan has its home north of the border, since becoming an online magazine it’s been accessible across the world to anyone who looked. Every quarter the magazine receives hundreds of submissions from American and international writers, and regularly publishes the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction it gets, wherever it comes from. In the spirit of cross-border cooperation, the Town Crier is announcing literary contests and submissions across North America. We present an open call out for Subprimal Poetry Art. Read on—but be quick, the deadline is soon!

Subprimal Poetry Art is currently open for submissions for our upcoming issue: deadline September 30. We look for poetry and flash fiction that is crafted, urgent, lyrical, compelling, mythical, concerned with spiritual revelation, and that uses rhythmic, sensual, and vivid imagery, and deals with fundamental truths. We like pieces that use language in new ways. We have a special fondness for prose poems. Voices outside of the status quo keep us awake at night.

Since its launch in 2013, Subprimal Poetry Art has asked for audio recordings from its contributors, and from these recordings created custom musical compositions to complement the author’s cadence, tone, and overall delivery.

Now entering our fourth year of publication, we’re adding another dimension to the written word using video compositions. As before, we start with the inspiration of the author’s voice, and create an accompanying musical piece. We then augment the sound track with various images and footage to create a compound art form with the goal of underscoring the author’s work and giving the listener/viewer a new way of enjoying it.

For more information, see our web site—there’s plenty there to get a sense of our likes and eccentricities: previous issues, blog posts, the musical/written word combinations, and of course our submission guidelines. We enjoy voices from around the world. We pay our contributors.

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