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Rambo of Green Gables: Part 1

by Cian Cruise

When you crack open the 1972 edition of David Morrell’s First Blood, this hand-cut inscription awaits: We envy you the experience of reading this book for the first time. – The Editors.

I can think of no better frontispiece for the collection of essays, articles, and nonfiction features storming The Puritan’s Town Crier this November.

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Understorey Magazine: The Women and Justice Issue

by Understorey Magazine

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing coverage of literary magazines across North America, we present an announcement from Understorey Magazine. Read on to hear about their most recent issue, “The Women and Justice Issue.”

Because it’s 2015.
And there’s women in the cabinet
But that might not seem so adequate
To women in the custody of the state …

This poem by Halifax spoken-word artist and activist (and former poet laureate) El Jones opens the most recent issue of Understorey Magazine.

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Underpass Journal Open for Submission

by Underpass Editors

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary submissions south of the border, we present a call out for Underpass Journal. Read on to hear their mandate from their editorial team.

Introducing Underpass Journal,

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Wanted: Town Crier Proofreaders

by Town Crier

Attention all proofreaders!

The Town Crier, the bloggy appendage to The Puritan, is seeking a new proofreader and WordPress formatter. We are one of the busiest literary blogs in Canada, updating 2-3 times weekly. A team of volunteer staff writers, Puritan Publicity Agents,

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Fiction International Announces “Fool” Issue Submissions

by Susan Grace

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary contests and magazine submission calls across North America, we present an open call out for Fiction International from associate editor Susan Grace.

Any idea what time it is? No?

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Subprimal Poetry Art Open for Submissions

by Subprimal Poetry Art

While The Puritan has its home north of the border, since becoming an online magazine it’s been accessible across the world to anyone who looked. Every quarter the magazine receives hundreds of submissions from American and international writers, and regularly publishes the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction it gets, wherever it comes from. 

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Introducing the MicroLit Reviews Series

by Jason Freure

Microliteratures are the pushback against the publishing giants. They are not a stepping-stone for authors towards a bigger, better paying publishing deal. Microliteratures are the communities of readers, writers, publishers, and editors that form around micro presses, small magazines, and digital writing communities. They read each other’s works, they publish each other, and they host readings in coffee shops,

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Writing the Body

by Kilby Smith-McGregor

In a matter of days I’ll be publishing my first book—a poetry collection called Kids in Triage. That this first book turned out to be poetry and not prose is a surprise to me. That this first book takes the body as its subject; that this encounter with the body manifests in emergency,

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October Call for Submissions

by Klara du Plessis

Six times a year, the Town Crier hands itself over to a guest editor. Curators are free to publish for a month on any literary topic of their choosing. Klara du Plessis will be curating the Town Crier blog in the month of October. Her call-out for submissions follows.

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BLACK FRIDAY: A Year in Review on Nov. 27

by The Puritan

The Puritan is having its fourth annual year-in-review celebration at The Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton Street, Toronto, ON). Join us in closing out the Fall Season with mirth, merry-making, and maybe even maypoles. Come meet the staff, editors, and contributors who made the magazine in 2015.

BLACK FRIDAY 2015 is a night of celebrations to announce and honour the winners of our Fourth Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence,