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“The One I Could Believe in:” Jacob McArthur Mooney on the Pivot Reading Series

by Jess Taylor

Pivot Readings, founded in 2008, is one of the most respected reading series on the literary scene today. Pivot host Jacob McArthur Mooney and I sat outside Le Gourmond Café, where Mooney filled me in on Pivot’s well-established brand and rich history. “I take stewardship of the series very seriously.

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Books About Book-lovers

by Jason Freure

When Hrabal wrote Too Loud a Solitude, he lived in a literate country that, in his own words, “would lay down their lives for a bale of compacted thoughts,” under a government that loathed books and the people who wrote them (Too Loud was published underground in 1976,

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Author Notes from the Vaults: Wendy Fox

by Wendy Fox

Wendy Fox, contributor to Issue XVIII of The Puritan, recalls some of the woes, as well as the triumphs, of pinning down the unwieldy. 

“Zinc” is part of a larger work, a novel that does not yet have a home.

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Author Notes from the Vaults: The Present ‘House’ of Story by Gary Barwin

by Gary Barwin

Puritan contributor Gary Barwin shares personal experiences, the burning questions they ignited, and “House,” the poem that emerged from it all. You can read his poem in Issue XI.

Many days, before I can help myself, I’m at the breakfast table reading stories of violence in the newspaper.

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Author Notes: Aleah Sato

by Aleah Sato

Recent contributor Aleah Sato discusses her poetry in Issue XVI: Winter 2012 of The Puritan

“…These fears that fell to my lot out of every day stirred a hundred other fears, and they stood up in me against me and agreed among themselves, and I couldn’t get beyond them.

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Of Music and Fiction: Questions for Kevin Hardcastle

by Kevin Hardcastle

Recent contributor Kevin Hardcastle discusses components of his process as a writer. You can taste the fruits of his labour in Issue XXI: Spring 2013 of The Puritan.

The Puritan: Did music lyrics have anything to do with the piece we’re publishing?

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Of Music and Poetry: Questions for Peter Norman

by E. Martin Nolan

E Martin Nolan interviews recent Puritan contributor Peter Norman on the ways he makes his poetry sing. 

EMN: How do you conceive of the musicality in your poems? Do you deliberately inject a certain idea or strategy of musicality into them, or is it more natural,

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Anthony de Sa Suffuses Lisbon with Little Portugal

by Phoebe Wang

It’s nearly impossible to imagine Toronto’s west end, especially along Dundas and the Brockton and Bloordale areas, without its Portuguese bakeries, markets and houseware shops. In the mid-1950s, migrants fleeing the regime of António de Salazar began settling in Toronto, and Brazilian and Angolese have since added to Canada’s largest concentration of Portuguese-speaking migrants.

Yet how familiar are we with Portuguese literature?

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In Praise of the Blatantly Poetic—P.P.S: Do You Copy?

by E. Martin Nolan

There’s been another argument. About lyrics, I think. Involving someone named Major Perloff? A sniper? At least very selective and narrow in scope. Also involving obnoxious suits and imprecise talk of “poetic capital”? Archivists who think they’re the first person to find out it’s weird to transcribe spoken or recorded language talking down to poets like they didn’t already know that?

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“There Was a Void of Good, Long Form Sports Writing:” Questions for Mike Spry of The Barnstormer

by E. Martin Nolan

The-Round-BusTHE BARNSTORMER is a literary sports journal that was founded in May of 2012 by Andrew Forbes, Bryan Jay Ibeas, Ian Orti, and Mike Spry. It aims to celebrate the intersection of sports and humanity with good writing. It means to be an open, accommodating, inclusive forum for considered,