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Picking Sides in Comics: If Comics Are Literature, Why Don’t I Feel like a Writer?

by Laura Kenins

Holiday and birthday money never came with the stipulation not to spend it on comics in our house (although it did come with a ban on video games, which I always found strange, as we never owned a video game console). My dad was often an enthusiastic reader of our Archie comics after (or before) we’d finished with them.

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Small Town Asshole III

by Julie Mannell

This is the third instalment of Julie’s Small Town Asshole series, and her final post as guest editor for the Town Crier. Find the first two parts here and here.

Young Julie and Grown Julie are sitting in Fonthill together at the peak,

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Never Give Up the Ghost

by JC Bouchard

The first time I thought I was going to die was at a landfill near my duplex house in a subdivision of Elliot Lake, my hometown. We called the suburb The New Sub. Lured there by my mother’s boyfriend, Ben, I unloaded wood scraps from his truck and threw the fractured pieces over a cliff and into a pit of broken televisions,

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Small Town Asshole II

by Tyler Willis

As we near the end of Julie’s month at The Town Crier, she brings us the second instalment of Small Town Asshole (read the first one here)—a no-holds-barred account of her hometown, an on and off romance, and her tumultuous relationship with her inner self.

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by Ali Pinkney

Occurrence: 01/01/2016

I eat white fish and cured green pepper lateral-wise a subdued-tropical tank of fish. The fish are cantaloupe coloured they look fresh I start to cry. I’m at an Indian restaurant on St-Laurent alone as in, I’m the only patron in the whole—okay wait. As I typed that over my plate,

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Looking Elsewhere

by Rudrapriya Rathore

Rudrapriya Rathore is a publicity agent for The Puritan. Here she writes about vacationing in her parents’ new house, considering multiple places “home,” and connecting to Salman Rushdie.

As part of the annual December mass-migration of grown-up children, I diligently went home for the holidays—home being the house my parents live in,

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How to Fall in Love in New Brunswick

by Damien Caissie

Counting the Port Authority bus terminal, the cab, the Jazz hostel, and the unremarkable sports bar, I had probably been in Manhattan for an hour. Two hours by the time that she mentioned wanting to have mixed children because “white kids are so boring.” I wouldn’t have dared make eye contact with Lilia in Moncton or even Fredericton;

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Small Town Asshole I

by Julie Mannell

Julie Mannell is The Town Crier’s guest editor this month. Her poem,“That Space Between Blankets That Holds Your Scent,” was featured in issue 26 of The Puritan. Here she reflects on her relationship with her hometown. 

My relationship with my hometown,

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Author Notes: Scott Nolan

by Scott Nolan

Two of Scott Nolan’s poems, Elvis and me” and “Ten above tomorrow”, were published in Issue 30 of  The Puritan. 

I started writing poetry in January 2015, approximately three weeks after my 40th birthday. The plan was to replace smoking cigarettes with walking eight to ten kilometres a day.