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Laura Clarke and Suzannah Showler up for the 2013 Bronwen Wallace Award

by The Puritan Editors

Despite being founded in 1620, The Puritan prides itself on its voyages into the literary frontier. Age doesn’t matter in this regard—P.K. Page was knocking socks off posthumously—but it naturally falls to the young to reinvent the wheel, overcome dumb bigotries, reinvigorate a national literature, etc. The problem is that you usually get recognized for that latter task well after the work is done—if you’re lucky.

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Beth Follett on Jan Zwicky’s The Book of Frog: A Way of Discussing the World

by Phoebe Wang

With a book such as Jan Zwicky’s recent The Book of Frog, released by Newfoundland’s Pedlar Press, many readers will wonder how it came about. The book is slim, perfect-bound, beautifully printed, has a pleasing light-green cover, and is adorned with images and diagrams within. The short prose work also marks a shift from the works of poetry and philosophy that Zwicky has published during her long,

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The Unseen Role of the Editor

by Jessica Bebenek

I’m writing a novel… kind of.

I’ve been editing my partner’s novel as he writes it, slowly, chapter by chapter over the past year. Naturally, the question of what role editors play in a work can’t help but pop up. As is the case with the under-populated group of book reviewers, editors are often writers in disguise,

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Short Story Month – Taking Advice from Usher

by Andrew F. Sullivan

It is Short Story Month and we will all be paying lip service to that fact. There will be screeds bemoaning how collections are ignored by popular readers, celebrations of online publishers revitalizing the form and loud whispers about traditional publishers abandoning collections in favour of novels again and again. Each year it seems to be a perpetual underdog story and the narrative rarely changes.

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Treading in the Wake of Nicholas Hoare, and Learning from that Venerable Store

by Shaun A. Hogan

Nicholas Hoare, that embarrassment of writerly riches, is gone. And it’s a shame. The store had an air of manicured style, which is to say it was really nice inside—and while it’s heartening to know that its closure was speeded by Mr. Hoare’s retirement and not by rent hikes or tax bills,

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Wikipedia’s American (Male) Novelists List: If You Don’t Like It, Change It

by E. Martin Nolan

Amanda Filipacchi has discovered that female American novelists are being moved from the “American Novelist” list to a “American Women Novelists” list on Wikipedia while male novelists remain on the “American Novelists” list.

This is sad, but Filipacchi’s New York Times piece on the subject ends on a hopeful note: since word got out,

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On Meeting Other Writers

by Andrew F. Sullivan

A friend of mine gave me a review IrmaVothcopy of Irma Voth by Miriam Toews a few years ago. It hadn’t been released to the public yet, it didn’t have a proper cover, and on the back it warned me that there might be spelling mistakes or copy-editing errors riddled throughout.