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As it is in its Reviews, Red Doc> by Anne Carson, Part 1: Jason Guriel

by E. Martin Nolan

Jason Guriel seems to be performing an elaborate cop-out in “Autobiography of Reader,” his review of Anne Carson’s Red Doc>. While not entirely negative, the review levels some heavy criticism against Carson and her latest book. Guriel saves his fiercest displeasure, though, for her fans, whom he claims are so drunk on Carson they let her get away with overwriting,

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Bad Habits: Tendencies in Criticism We Shouldn’t Put Up With

by Phoebe Wang

In the weeks following the publication of my Puritan review of Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable, I was reluctant to cement the dichotomy between the so-called positive and negative review, a much emphasized topic in Canadian literary criticism of late. Every critic is justified in his or her taste,

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The Garrison Monopolizes Toronto’s Spring Launch Season

by Jess Taylor

This year’s spring launch season feels a little more subdued than last year – maybe it’s the terrible, fluky weather, but I think it’s that everything’s at The Garrison. The Dundas West spot houses the monthly Write Club, but this spring it’s hosted launches for Coach House,

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Sonneteering: Billy Collins’s “Sonnet”

by Andy Verboom

collinsFirst, a preambulatory gem from Billy Collins’s 2004 lecture on Walt Whitman:

I’m going to talk about Walt Whitman today.
And I had written out a talk
and that took some time
and so I’m going to read it.
But I’m going to interrupt my reading
to talk about Whitman a little bit.

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Submission Guidelines: Guiding Lines into Submission

by Kevin Kvas

My word count is limited, but unlike Phoebe Wang, whose Romantic defense of Creative Writing (and the Poetry Workshop) in response to my review of Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable is tellingly lyrical in its self-enclosed privileging of itself as its own source text, I have no qualms about speaking in other voices.

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Workshop Poetry: Spectre and Spectacle

by Phoebe Wang

Probably InevitableIn his review of Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable, Kevin Kvas attacks Tierney’s assertion that “there’s no breaking down the parts” of a poem. For Kvas, this verifies the futility of Creative Writing MFA and MA programs:

It’s magic? Is this what the Creative Writing M.(F.)A.

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As it is in its Reviews: Mathew Henderson’s The Lease

by E Martin Nolan

Mathew Henderson’s The Lease is a quick like. The content—Oil Field work—and the approach—lyrical but straight-ahead—easily combine to catch the reader’s attention. Add to this the book’s ability to approach the topic of oil from a mostly ignored perspective—that of the worker—and it’s small wonder the New York Times picked The Lease as one of its “Books of the Times.”