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BC Publishers Spotlight: Talonbooks

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the next couple of months, The Town Crier will be featuring short interviews with Canadian authors published by B.C. publishers, conducted by B.C. publishing professionals. The first in the series is an interview with Talon Books poet Garry Thomas Morse by Harbour Publishing’s Nathaniel G.

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Picking Sides in Comics: If Comics Are Literature, Why Don’t I Feel like a Writer?

by Laura Kenins

Holiday and birthday money never came with the stipulation not to spend it on comics in our house (although it did come with a ban on video games, which I always found strange, as we never owned a video game console). My dad was often an enthusiastic reader of our Archie comics after (or before) we’d finished with them.

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Questions for JC Bouchard

by Domenica Martinello

It’s been an exciting year for poet JC Bouchard. What started as a conversation in a bar about why poets don’t tour the same way musicians do quickly escalated into a successfully crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign. After breezing past the minimum fundraising goal of $1,000 by pulling in close to $4,000 with the enthusiastic backing of the Canadian literary community, 

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They Pay How Many Cents Per Word?

by Chris Curley

The best rate I ever got paid as a professional writer was for my third piece, a feature written at the ripe old age of 20. It was 75 cents per word and I made around 400 bucks for my efforts. Nearly ten years later and many of the major online publications pay somewhere between ten and 40 cents per word for the work of writers far more talented than my 20-year-old self (and if we’re being perfectly candid,

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Puerto del Sol Announces First Digital Issue

by Puerto del Sol

For more than half a century, Puerto del Sol has published innovative work from new and emerging writers and artists in an effort to produce the best magazine possible. Over the years, we’ve featured poems, stories, and essays by writers like Dagoberto Gilb, Joy Harjo, George Saunders, Naomi Shihab Nye, DA Powell,

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“Get Excited!”: A Conversation with Charles Yao of Little Brother

by Gavin Tomson

For a new and relatively small Toronto-based literary magazine, Little Brother has been extraordinarily successful. The magazine, which recently launched its fifth issue, has published work by the likes of Jeet Heer, Haley Mlotek, Mariko Tamaki, and Andrew Kaufman.

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The Forest for the Trees

by Ryan Pratt

As an arctic freeze descended over North America this past winter, breaking record lows that had held their own since the late 1800s, my wife and I were unpacking boxes in our new apartment in Hamilton. It might as well have been Hoth, the ice-covered planet from the Star Wars universe. Virtually inhospitable to wide-eyed enthusiasm,