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Announcing Morton VI: The Puritan Writing Contest

by The Puritan

The Thomas Morton Memorial Prize for Literary Excellence is back! The Puritan is proud to announce the launch of Morton VI, this time with more cash prizes! We’re introducing a runner-up category in both fiction and poetry and, for the first time ever, we’ll be announcing a shortlist here on the blog and on the magazine in early November.

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Understorey Magazine: The Women and Justice Issue

by Understorey Magazine

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing coverage of literary magazines across North America, we present an announcement from Understorey Magazine. Read on to hear about their most recent issue, “The Women and Justice Issue.”

Because it’s 2015.
And there’s women in the cabinet
But that might not seem so adequate
To women in the custody of the state …

This poem by Halifax spoken-word artist and activist (and former poet laureate) El Jones opens the most recent issue of Understorey Magazine.

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Submit Your Best to The Woven Tale Press

by Sandra Tyler

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary submissions south of the border, we present a call out for The Woven Tale Press. Read on to hear their mandate from their editor-in-chief.

The Woven Tale Press is an interactive online literary and fine arts magazine,

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Wanted: Town Crier Proofreaders

by Town Crier

Attention all proofreaders!

The Town Crier, the bloggy appendage to The Puritan, is seeking a new proofreader and WordPress formatter. We are one of the busiest literary blogs in Canada, updating 2-3 times weekly. A team of volunteer staff writers, Puritan Publicity Agents,

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Fiction International Announces “Fool” Issue Submissions

by Susan Grace

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary contests and magazine submission calls across North America, we present an open call out for Fiction International from associate editor Susan Grace.

Any idea what time it is? No?

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Subprimal Poetry Art Open for Submissions

by Subprimal Poetry Art

While The Puritan has its home north of the border, since becoming an online magazine it’s been accessible across the world to anyone who looked. Every quarter the magazine receives hundreds of submissions from American and international writers, and regularly publishes the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction it gets, wherever it comes from. 

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BC Publishing Focus: Sheryda Warrener

by Spencer Williams

Over the next couple of months, Puritan’s The Town Crier blog will be featuring short interviews with Canadian authors published by BC publishers, conducted by BC publishing professionals. The third in the series is an interview with Spencer Williams of Talonbooks and BC poet Sheryda Warrener,

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Try Not to Puke

by Jocelyn Parr

What is strange to us (or what makes us feel strange) can often elicit the sensation of shame. We’ll blush, turn inward. I have elsewhere argued that one useful way of thinking about shame would be as a pharmakon. The term comes from Plato’s Phaedrus, a book often subtitled “A Dialogue on Love.” The pharmakon is there introduced as anything which,

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Getting a Grant to Make Comics in Canada

by Laura Kenins

The one thing that stuck firmly with me from art school was internalizing the Canada Council definition of a professional artist: an education in art, a record of exhibitions, peer recognition, and three years post-graduate before you can apply. I felt reassured in the knowledge that whatever I did later, I’d always be—officially—an artist.

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Social Justice through Autobio Comics

by Sandra Cox

I read comics, but not in the “I have a pull-list of 60 at my local store” sort of way, and not in the “I’ve been buying Harvey issues since 1970” sort of way either. I’m not a collector, a creator, or a finger-on-the-pulse-of-the-industry kind of commentator. I read comics in the most pedantic of ways.