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MicroLit Review: Distributaries by Laura K. McRae

by Annick MacAskill

“Distributary: A branch of river that breaks off and flows away from the main stream.” So reads the epigraph to Laura K. McRae’s debut chapbook, Distributaries. The cover bears a photo showing a section of the Liao River in North East China, while the end matter presents a sketch of the Po River Delta in Italy.

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“Like Trying Really Hard to Ride a Really Bad Bicycle”: Interview with Thomas Molander

by Fawn Parker

Thomas Molander is a musician and writer from BC currently living in Montreal. His forthcoming novel is called The Article Man. He is editor and co-founder of Bad Nudes Magazine.

Fawn Parker: I’m thinking about using Jarett Kobek as a launching pad here. You were telling me recently about his book I Hate the Internet.