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In/different languages

by Cia Rinne

Why write in different languages? This is a question I am frequently asked. My texts are mainly composed in English, German, and French. Even though I never actively try to write translingually, the pieces usually evolve in certain languages more than in others. It might seem as if pluricentric languages would fit the pieces better than Swedish,

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Afrikaans Part I: Tongue Correspondence

by Klara du Plessis

As I open the book, a letter falls out. Clearly, little is more nostalgic than a handwritten, airmailed letter from a friend, brimming with news and affection. The date is relatively recent, less than a year old, but already the envelope has developed that intoxicating perfume of decaying paper (insert library lover/secondhand book shopper). The letter is from a childhood friend who now lives in Spain,

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Eric Freeze Asks: “Why Stop Reading?”

by Eric Freeze

I was sitting in Heathrow, waiting for a flight, casually thumbing through a book. A woman in her 40s approached me: starched skirt, name tag, and a matching blouse and blue jacket that belied her affiliation with the airline industry. In her hand was an iPad that she held like a clipboard.

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Rebecca Mead and Abstract Place

by Julienne Isaacs

Middlemarch is not a real place. It’s the town at the heart of George Eliot’s breathtakingly long novel, a study of a “web” of characters living in the English Midlands between the years 1830 and 1832, the tail end of the Georgian era and the beginning of the Victorian. The plot of Middlemarch is complex,