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“Vibrantly Different Everywhere”: Matthew R. Loney on the Western Traveller

by E Martin Nolan

Matthew R. Loney is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. As a graduate of the University of Toronto’s M.A. in Creative Writing program (2009) and avid traveler, he has combined these passions into a collection of short stories, That Savage Water.

E Martin Nolan: That Savage Water focuses around traveller-adventurers,

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A Warning to Toronto Writers: Networks Don’t Make Literature

by Julienne Isaacs

It doesn’t matter where you live: being human is difficult. The writer’s task is to transcribe the difficulty.

On a recent trip to Toronto, I was told half a dozen times by both strangers and friends that nothing would aid my career more than a move to that great Canadian literary Mecca. For a few days I waffled,

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“Get Excited!”: A Conversation with Charles Yao of Little Brother

by Gavin Tomson

For a new and relatively small Toronto-based literary magazine, Little Brother has been extraordinarily successful. The magazine, which recently launched its fifth issue, has published work by the likes of Jeet Heer, Haley Mlotek, Mariko Tamaki, and Andrew Kaufman.

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The Menace of Leisure

by Domenica Martinello

Unfortunately for the city of Toronto, there are not many opportunities to drink a beer with your cereal and have it deemed socially acceptable. But thanks to a few subtle but significant tweaks, the August 6th launch of The Trouble with Brunch, the new title by Coach House Books author Shawn Micallef

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In Conversation with Dave Hurlow

by Caryn Cathcart

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m reading about an infamous literati from Halifax who also happens to be a lizard—a time travelling lizard who once, in a gamble of love and loss, got mixed into the Dreyfus Affair. So, to rephrase: it’s Sunday afternoon and I am intrigued.

The Lizard Man hails from Toronto-based Dave Hurlow’s first collection of short stories,

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“Collaboration Is a Great Motivator”:

by Kris Bone

David James Brock is a playwright, poet, and librettist whose plays and operas have been performed in cities across Canada and the UK. He is the winner of the 2011 Herman Voaden Canadian National Playwriting Award. Brock penned the libretto for The Sloans Project (composer: Gareth Williams), which was most recently performed at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (previous: Glasgow’s 2011 Merchant City Festival,

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An Interview with Donna Thomson

by Kris Bone

When it comes to Canadians with severe disabilities and the people who care for them, a suspicious opacity surrounds them in the public consciousness. Fundamental misconceptions about the nature and benefits of the relationships between people with disabilities and their friends, families, and caregivers—as well as underestimations of the immense cost and work that go into providing adequate care—act as impediments to positive change.

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Fiery but from Afar:

by Jess Taylor

Jason Guriel is known for his sharp teeth. According to some, he is a vicious critic, always willing to address the moments of weakness in a book of poetry. To others, he is performing the duty often ignored by other reviewers: actually approaching literature critically. While I was working on my article for The Puritan about literary community (forthcoming in the Littered T.O.

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Musicality, Movement, Punch, and Writing as Wrestling

by Phoebe Wang, Shawn Sims, E Martin Nolan

aisha s j photo2014 has been busy for past-Puritan authors. No fewer than 10 of their books have been published recently. So we decided to check in on them and ask them one question each. This time, we talked to Aisha Sasha John, Nancy Jo Cullen, Angela Hibbs, and David James Brock.