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The Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize

by André Forget

The following is an interview with Doug Sikkema, Project Leader for the Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing, a literary award worth $25,000 from Cardus. Cardus is a Canadian think tank “dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture.” The Puritan’s essays editor,

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Interview with A. Zachary

by Aaron Boothby

A. Zachary is a writer and artist living in Toronto. The End, by Anna, published by the Montreal-based press Metatron, is their first book. This interview took place through email conversations, has been edited, and comes with a spoiler alert. You may very much want to read the book before reading.

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“Seeing Splits” and Writing “Humanness”: Questions for Doyali Islam on Concept, Form, and Process

by E Martin Nolan

The following piece appears as part of the month-long series “Conscientious Conceptualism and Poetic Practice” on the blog, curated by guest editor Andy Verboom.

E Martin Nolan: In this month’s series on ‘conscientious conceptualism,’ one of the focuses has been the consequences of the formal choices that poets make.

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Interview with Lynn Crosbie

by Danila Botha

I was incredibly lucky to discover Lynn Crosbie’s writing during my undergrad. I was in the York University library when I stumbled upon Queen Rat, a collection of poetry that changed my life.

I opened to the poem “Miss Pamela’s Mercy,” and I was struck instantly by the precision of the imagery and the emotional acuity.

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Writing Fiction as Pipe Laying

by Katy Wimhurst

The following is an outtake from an upcoming interview with Gail Anderson-Dargatz in The Puritan’s Issue 36, Winter 2017. Stay tuned to our News & Announcements for the launch.

Katy Wimhurst: I’ve seen you quote John Gregory Dunne’s comment,

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Interview with Evan Hoskins

by Jason Freure

Evan Hoskins is the founder of the Slackline Creative Arts Series, which takes place monthly at Burdock Brewery. Slackline is an event that crosses genres and supports emerging artists.

Jason Freure: The Slackline Creative Arts Series seems to be a kind of heir to the Emerging Writers series. How did that come about?

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Interview with Ashley Little

by Danila Botha

I first met Ashley Little at the Toronto book launch of her dark debut novel, Prick: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist (Tightrope Books, 2011). She has since written the excellent Anatomy of a Girl Gang (Arsenal Pulp, 2013), which won the Ethel Wilson fiction prize, and was a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Awards.

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Titles, Touring, Snapchat, and Adele: A Conversation with Greg Zorko

by Suzanna Derewicz

The first time I stumbled upon Greg Zorko’s work was this past summer with the launch of Peach Mag. The folks at Metatron (also the publishers of his book, Ghost In The Club) shared the poems on their Facebook page. I had been spending a lot of time working to find specificity in my own poetry and questioning what I was trying to say through my work.

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Interview with Eliza Robertson

by Rory Gleeson

Eliza Robertson is a Canadian writer based in the UK, currently completing a PhD at the University of East Anglia, and is the author of Wallflowers. She talked with Rory Gleeson, an Irish writer coming to the end of a two-year stay in Canada, via a dodgy Skype connection.

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BC Publishing Spotlight: Donna Macdonald

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the past several months, The Town Crier has been featuring short interviews with Canadian authors published by BC publishers, conducted by BC publishing professionals. The latest in the series is an interview with the Sunshine Coast’s Nathaniel G. Moore, author of Jettison (Anvil Press),