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“Isn’t Love a High for Everyone?”: An Interview with Suzannah Showler

by Rudrapriya Rathore

Suzannah Showler’s book on The Bachelor, Most Dramatic Ever, came out January 23, 2018, from ECW’s Pop Classics series. In it, she discusses certain themes wildly relevant to our times—including American optimism, marriage, sex, trauma narratives, and the high-resolution exposure of “real” feelings—all while carefully and hilariously analyzing this mainstay of reality television.

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“Stacked Lives Unfolding”: An Interview with Emily Anglin

by Catriona Wright

Emily Anglin is the author of The Third Person, a collection of nine uncanny stories. This interview took place over email.

Catriona Wright: The characters in The Third Person struggle to maintain professional, personal, and even corporeal boundaries between themselves and others. Slippages between the public and the private,

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“Listening to Detroiters”: 3 Questions for Aaron Foley

by E Martin Nolan

Aaron Foley is the City of Detroit’s chief storyteller, a new position created by Mayor Mike Duggan to tell the stories of Detroiters citywide. Most recently, he was editor of BLAC Detroit Magazine, a 35,000-circulation monthly glossy in Metro Detroit. He is also the author of How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass (BELT,

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Interview with Alexandra Leggat

by Fawn Parker

Two Wolves Press, a project run independently by Toronto author and teacher Alexandra Leggat, launched its first release in May 2016. Since then, Alexandra has released a second title and has two more in the works. I spoke with Alexandra about her exciting new titles, mentorship, and what’s to come!

Fawn Parker: What led you to launch Two Wolves Press?

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An Interview with Laurie D. Graham

by Amy Oldfield

Laurie D. Graham is the author of Settler Education, published by McClelland and Stewart. The poem “Battleford Gravesite” was selected by Margaret Atwood as the poetry winner of The Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in 2014.

Amy Oldfield: This book really is an education;

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Just as a Troubadour Was: Interview with Marc di Saverio

by Daniel Kincade Renton

This short interview contains my determined attempts to pin down Marc di Saverio on the definition of music in poetry. Notice how the poet’s interests return to the importance and effects of musicality whereas mine obsess over comparison and bifurcation. This tension reminds us that, for the artist whose concern is the spirited life of his work,

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BC Publishing Spotlight: Kevin A. Couture

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the last year, The Puritan’s Town Crier blog has featured short interviews with BC authors conducted by BC publishing professionals. The latest in the series is an interview with author Kevin A. Couture with publicist and author Nathaniel G. Moore.

Kevin A.

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JC Bouchard Asks About Early Days

by Suzanna Derewicz

I met poet JC Bouchard my first month emerging into Toronto’s literary scene. It was January 2015. I had been writing poetry at that point for maybe six months and releasing pieces as audio recordings on an old Bandcamp account. This however was my first venture out into this sphere, where I began reading poetic (and at that time more performative) work at open mics and sharing my poetry with people who weren’t just my friends on Facebook.