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St. Jesus of the Zombies

by Trevor Campbell

When I was in the sixth grade, I wanted to do a school project on ghosts. My mother, a fervent Catholic, was horrified. At age ten, my concept of ghosts focused mainly on vengeful hauntings and bumps in the night—the kind of stories that my friends and I read in the young reader anthologies we found in the St.

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Near Death and Ghosts: Interview with Stephan A. Schwartz

by Aurora Stewart de Peña

I’ve got a ghost story. It’s a real one, and it happened when I was a very little kid. My mother tells it better, but I can be convinced, if the time is right and the people are comfortable. It’s become part of our family’s mythology, but it’s still something that happened, still a series of events that occurred,

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A Crossroads of Spirits: Story of a Spirit Rescue Medium

by Jeff Carpenter

I’m a spiritual medium and Reiki Master. After a career of over 20 years of engineering, including time as an aerospace engineer, I’m still surprised to find myself in this line of work.  My spiritual development began through Reiki, the channelling of energy to relieve stress and pain, but I have to admit that I never really wanted to learn Reiki.

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The Ghost of Grace

by Nick Rossi

It looked like a nice apartment, both aesthetically and functionally. I didn’t know how lofty to allow my expectations to be on getting that real first post-college, roommate-free, futon-less place of my very own. I had vehemently promised myself when I started looking for an apartment that I was going to keep an open mind and make no snap judgements.

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The Shadow Boy

by Ruben Carbajal

I woke from a nightmare. The red light from my digital clock reads 3:44 a.m. The only sound: an electric fan slowly panning left to right.

I’m not alone.

He has a bowl haircut. He sits silently, near my feet, watching me.

I dreamt I lost my younger brother Michael in a shopping mall.

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Cool Ghost

by Julia Lederer

I strive to believe in ghosts of all sorts.
Somewhat half-heartedly.
The thing is, I love other-worldly beings and magical events that can’t be rationally explained.
In fiction.
In theory.
But in Living Non-Fiction (also known to me as my life) I can be rather clingy when it comes to a nice,

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Asleep at Seaton Manor

by Theresa Ramirez

I live in a haunted apartment in the middle of downtown Toronto. This feels a bit ironic, as I am from England, where buildings are typically quite a bit older. I had assumed that living in a haunted house would no longer be a major concern for me now, living in a city known for its “hasty demolition of historical buildings.” Although,

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Bruised Plum

by Amy LeBlanc

She keeps having dreams about her grandmother—that she arrives uninvited to a dinner party—that she finds her, rifling through the apple bins in the produce aisle—that her grandmother turns up at her own funeral with a bouquet of white lilies and potato salad in a store bought container. She understands that none of these can happen because her grandmother’s funeral took place two weeks ago,

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Over the Border

by Sophia Pierro

Ogdensburg, New York was often a destination for my family in the ’90s. Not much more than a strip mall with a K-Mart and a Price Chopper, it was the closest US city we could get to. Though Ottawa was quite the cosmopolitan town in 1991, it lacked certain crucial things like Breyer’s ice cream and low taxes on goods and services.