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Still Life over Still Water

by Geneviève Robichaud

Clear things console me, and sunlit things console me. To see life passing by under a blue sky makes up for a lot. I forget myself indefinitely, forgetting more than I could ever remember. The sufficiency of things fills my weightless, translucent heart, and just to look is a sweet satisfaction.

—Fernando Pessoa,

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Cooking with the Witch

by Mira C Lambert

I was at my great aunt’s, whose home I frequented as a child, if not just to listen to her stories, because she spoiled me with a diet of peppermint chocolate and black currant juice. As usual, a big pot of something boiled and bubbled in her cast iron pot. I could smell thyme, garlic and could also make out stalks of celery poking out from under the lid.

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Decoding Classics in Contemporary Comics

by Shannon Page

Frequently, and often problematically, the classics of ancient Greece and Rome are used as a kind of shorthand for sophistication. Even the name implies a timeless purity of taste, distinguishing them from media intended for mass consumption. Meanwhile, new branches of classical scholarship are becoming increasingly concerned with the many ways that the literature and history of the ancient Mediterranean world have come to impact contemporary culture.

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Chris Reads Green Gables

by Chris Bailey

My father always belittled my mother for watching soap operas. “With so much having to be done in this world,” he’d say, “I don’t see how people can spend so much time in another.” The man’s a workhorse, has been labouring since childhood, and his body is marked by that life; how he moves, how he talks,

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Fictional Girlfriends Are Better Off Dead

by Dana Ewachow

Grief is a powerful emotion. It pushes even the most stubborn and stoic people to change. Although I understand the force of sorrow, I can’t get behind the catalyst in certain kinds of stories. The stories I’m thinking of involve a man, usually middle-aged and tough, who has a girlfriend, a wife, or a female lover.

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Author Notes: Jacob Geiger

by Jacob Geiger

Jacob Geiger’s story “Peepshow” was featured in Issue 30 of The Puritan. Here he talks about teaching English to high schoolers, and some background behind “Peepshow.”

I learned the word “axillism” at the NYU library. I was planning on a productive afternoon of research for my graduate school courses and my job as a high school debate coach,

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“The Parts of People that Hurt”

by E Martin Nolan

Jess Taylor, a former Town Crier contributor, is the author of Pauls, published this fall by BookThug. She is also the founder of the Emerging Writers Reading Series and the fiction editor of Little Brother. E Martin Nolan asked her about her debut collection and the sometimes grinding reading tour that comes with promoting a new book.

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Author Notes: Souvankham Thammavongsa

by Souvankham Thammavongsa

Souvankham Thammavongsa is the author of the story “Mani Pedi,” featured in Issue 30 of The Puritan. The story follows a tomato can boxer who has to leave the sport or inevitably suffer brain trauma. After drifting through several menial jobs, his sister recruits him for her nail salon.

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Writing a Profitable Suicide Note

by Ian Murdock

Step 1: Monetize your blog. Get yourself AdSense.

Step 2: Designate beneficiaries in your will.

Step 3: Write it out. Make sure that you follow my 3 S’s of a Viral Suicide Note™: Specific, Sober, & Search engine optimized. You don’t want it to be a vague drunken rant with no keywords.

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Building Minas Tirith

by Jason Freure

Every time I hold a book from The Lord of the Rings in my hands, I immediately flip toward the maps in the back. JRR Tolkien was a master of world-making, devoting thousands of pages of notes to Middle Earth’s history, languages, genealogies, and geography, beyond The Hobbit and LOTR themselves.