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Serious Heterosexual Guys for Literary Scholarship: Responding to David Gilmour

by Miriam Novick & Andrea Day

In response to David Gilmour’s now infamous Hazlitt interview, Miriam Novick and Andrea Day 0rganized “Serious Heterosexual Guys for Literary Scholarship”We have reprinted their opening speech from the event, along with an introduction from the authors. The Town Crier will continue discussing this and related issues in the weeks to come,

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Fear, Success, Momentum: A Conversation with Robin Richardson

by Madeline Lemire

Robin Richardson released her book of poetry Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis this September. Richardson has been shortlisted for CBC’s Canada Writes prize in poetry, and is awaiting further news. Puritan intern Madeline Lemire asked Richardson about this exciting time in her life, and how her work will evolve from here. 

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Author Notes: Mark Jordan Manner

by Mark Jordan Manner

Recent Puritan contributor Mark Jordan Manner answers some questions about his reading habits, what he’s been listening to, and his story, “When Life Gives You Doris,” in Issue XXII: Summer 2013 of The Puritan.

Town Crier: Does your story have an interesting origin story/compositional history you’d like to share?

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“Make it a Collaborative Enterprise:” Liz Howard on AvantGarden

by Jess Taylor

“I was thinking about all of the writers whose work I really loved, and I felt they weren’t being very well represented in the [existing] series and perhaps the community,” Liz Howard told me. This led Howard to start AvantGarden—which is focused mainly on sound-based, experimental, and feminist writers and performers—in May of 2010.

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Thankfully, The Puritan Dug It

by Nate Pillman

A few years ago, in the windowless room of a grad school workshop, I turned in the first draft of “Kyle’s Place,” a short story about two thirteen-year-old boys and their obsession with a college girl named Shannon. It was a rough piece, overly fragmented and full of implausible plot twists. It was also dark,

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The Grant Application Season: Supplication to a Minor Deity

by Spencer Gordon

Last spring, the Toronto chapter of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) held a development workshop for its members. While primarily an organization serving freelancing or full-time copywriters, technical writers and journalists, any writer is eligible for a low-cost membership as long as they have published at least one paid non-fiction piece.

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Bob Dylan, Dionne Brand, Louise Carson and the Written-Sung Word

by E. Martin Nolan

We’ve been looking into the tricky role poetry plays when incorporated into music. So far, I don’t think we’ve adequately defined that role. That is appropriate, because what little investigation we have done has suggested that poetry’s role in music should be studied on a case by case basis, and that “tricky” is probably the most important word in any overarching definition of that role.

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Chris Graham on Amazing New Stuff!

by Jess Taylor

“I want to invest exactly the amount of time that I have fun,” Chris Graham told me about Amazing New Stuff in Northwood Café on Bloor Street West. Amazing New Stuff began in October 2012 when Graham was still relatively new to Toronto. “I wrote this thing [on the National Congress of the KKK] and wanted to advertise it and to get people to buy it or even just read it.