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Comics on Poetry, Poets on Comedy

by Kris Bone

As a follow-up to our recent roundtable talk between comedians and poets, we asked some of our participants to give us their thoughts on a piece from the opposite medium. Poets Bänoo Zan and Owain Nicholson took in sets from Toronto comics K Trevor Wilson and Danish Anwar, while comedians Joel Buxton and Juliana Rodrigues read poetry by Karen Solie and Lynn Crosbie.

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The Ghost of Grace

by Nick Rossi

It looked like a nice apartment, both aesthetically and functionally. I didn’t know how lofty to allow my expectations to be on getting that real first post-college, roommate-free, futon-less place of my very own. I had vehemently promised myself when I started looking for an apartment that I was going to keep an open mind and make no snap judgements.

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Cool Ghost

by Julia Lederer

I strive to believe in ghosts of all sorts.
Somewhat half-heartedly.
The thing is, I love other-worldly beings and magical events that can’t be rationally explained.
In fiction.
In theory.
But in Living Non-Fiction (also known to me as my life) I can be rather clingy when it comes to a nice,

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Over the Border

by Sophia Pierro

Ogdensburg, New York was often a destination for my family in the ’90s. Not much more than a strip mall with a K-Mart and a Price Chopper, it was the closest US city we could get to. Though Ottawa was quite the cosmopolitan town in 1991, it lacked certain crucial things like Breyer’s ice cream and low taxes on goods and services.

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Give a Man a Fish

by Lauren Bride

“What’s that they say again? A rolling stone gathers no moss, but comes to my door soaking wet?” the woman said to me.

It was raining. Well, no, rain is what happens when drops of water fall from the sky, and when you look at it, you think “this is rain.” What was happening was more like half the ocean,

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Le Revenant

by Penn Kemp

“During a Lunar Eclipse conscious concerns overcome unconscious drives and the 3D overrides the Dream Time. Of course, it’s not really possible to stifle, squelch, hold back, deny, or suppress the unconscious for very long without experiencing a psychosis of some kind.”

Scorpio Sun meets Taurus Moon in opposition. October 28th, late. Tonight,

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The First Dime

by Nikki Reimer with Mike Reimer

I arrived at Theatre Junction Grand for my first literary festival appearance in the city where I was raised, from which I had fled, and grudgingly found myself again. The host wfas young and attractive, in his early twenties, and smartly dressed, with a swooping, middle-parted bowl cut that reminded me of the cool junior high boys of 1992.

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An Introduction to October: Ghost Stories

by Aurora Stewart de Peña

I’ll spend more time dead than I will alive. That’s a hard thing for me to be okay with. Being alive is what I know, and I love it. All my feelings, all my friends, getting rained on and going swimming, these won’t be things that are easy to let go of, when the time comes.

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Holy Wild and Poetry as a Mediator

by Gwen Benaway

Gwen Benaway participates in Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series on the theme of convergence in her work. Gwen Benaway’s third book, Holy Wild, is forthcoming from BookThug in 2018.

Q: Writing converges different forms of knowing in ways that allow for the possibilities of knowledge to become particularly expansive because this seems to require listening for what is unknown to us.

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The Helpless Act of Editing

by Whitney French

Whitney French participates in Canisia Lubrin’s (Dis)Order: The Single Question Series on the theme of convergence in her work. Whitney French is curating an anthology called Black Writing Matters.

What does convergence, this convergence mean for me as an editor?