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From the Vaults: Matthew Loney

by Matthew Loney

As a child, I remember bedtime stories about the Priests of Baal, about fish-worshipping Philistines and depraved, calf-smithing Hebrews. They were meant to be a horrifying people, the idolaters. The kind of folk who lacked scruples, who succumbed, who were defiantly pagan and unremorsefully erotic. They were the kind we should strive to be the opposite of—a negative exemplary.

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From the Vaults: Joel McConvey

by Joel McConvey

“The Black Sands of Samyang” is one of the first pieces of fiction I wrote about the island of Jeju-do, where I lived for two years, and which has become a particular obsession of mine and a major presence in my work. Jeju is a weird tidbit of South Korea,

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From the Vaults: Andrew Boden

by Andrew Boden

Andrew Boden discusses Issue XVII‘s “The Half-Life of Salvador Barbary.”

In “Salvador Barbary,” a young, Eastern European couple gives birth to a grossly deformed child who, without the aid of machines, lives. It’s a story, among other things, about our will to “keep on keeping on” in the face of overwhelming obstacles.

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From the Vaults: Jenna Jarvis

by Jenna Jarvis

Jenna Jarvis discusses the car crash that was the inspiration for her poem in Issue XV.

When I received the Puritan editorial team’s comments on “Untoward,” they suggested that I swap the original title, “Poem-Story,” for something more spin-worthy. But this blog post is a story about a poem.

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From the Vaults: Anna Maxymiw

by Anna Maxymiw

Anna Maxymiw, contributor to Issue XVII, discusses how writing “glosas” help her enter into dialogues with the dead.

This poem is a combination of themes. It marked the true beginning of my writing about being Ukrainian. It’s a subject matter that is still difficult for me—being half Ukrainian means you are straddling a world,

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From the Vaults: Rebecca Rosenblum

by Rebecca Rosenblum

Rebecca Rosenblum, contributor to Issue VIII of The Puritan, remembers a time when the line between “crush” and “stalking” wasn’t so clear.

“If This” ran in the Fall 2009 issue and was actually written long before that, so it’s definitely a “young” story. Even when I wrote it,

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Author Notes: Rob Benvie

by Rob Benvie

Recent Puritan contributor Rob Benvie discusses his short story “Glassiness” from Issue XXII: Summer 2013 of The Puritan.

It’s curious how a scenario gets lost as you go along. You’ve got to have a scenario, and you’ve got to test it so that you know where the comedy comes in,

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Fear, Success, Momentum: A Conversation with Robin Richardson

by Madeline Lemire

Robin Richardson released her book of poetry Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis this September. Richardson has been shortlisted for CBC’s Canada Writes prize in poetry, and is awaiting further news. Puritan intern Madeline Lemire asked Richardson about this exciting time in her life, and how her work will evolve from here. 

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Author Notes: Mark Jordan Manner

by Mark Jordan Manner

Recent Puritan contributor Mark Jordan Manner answers some questions about his reading habits, what he’s been listening to, and his story, “When Life Gives You Doris,” in Issue XXII: Summer 2013 of The Puritan.

Town Crier: Does your story have an interesting origin story/compositional history you’d like to share?