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Thankfully, The Puritan Dug It

by Nate Pillman

A few years ago, in the windowless room of a grad school workshop, I turned in the first draft of “Kyle’s Place,” a short story about two thirteen-year-old boys and their obsession with a college girl named Shannon. It was a rough piece, overly fragmented and full of implausible plot twists. It was also dark,

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Annus Mirabilis : Life After Winning the Thomas Morton Prize in 2012

by Mark Sampson

I knew there was something bizarre about that email from The Puritan the instant I received it. I mean really bizarre. First of all, it wasn’t a mass communiqué, like so many I receive weekly from various writerly organizations around the country. It wasn’t a Facebook notification inviting me to a book launch.

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Fiction at the 49th Parallel

by Robert McGill

In anticipation of Robert McGill’s new novel,  Once We Had a Country (which officially launches this coming Wednesday), Puritan editor Tyler Willis poses a few questions about writing from both sides of the Medicine Line.

The Town Crier: As an author and teacher who has worked on either side of the Canada/U.S.

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Author Notes: rob mclennan

by rob mclennan

Contributor rob mclennan discusses his work in Issue XIX of The Puritan.

One of the triggers for the short story, “The Matrix Resolutions,” was the disconnect I saw between the second and third films in The Matrix trilogy, a disappointing and surprising bafflement that occurred amid two films that were supposedly constructed as a near-single unit.

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Author Notes from the Vaults: Wendy Fox

by Wendy Fox

Wendy Fox, contributor to Issue XVIII of The Puritan, recalls some of the woes, as well as the triumphs, of pinning down the unwieldy. 

“Zinc” is part of a larger work, a novel that does not yet have a home.

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Author Notes from the Vaults: The Present ‘House’ of Story by Gary Barwin

by Gary Barwin

Puritan contributor Gary Barwin shares personal experiences, the burning questions they ignited, and “House,” the poem that emerged from it all. You can read his poem in Issue XI.

Many days, before I can help myself, I’m at the breakfast table reading stories of violence in the newspaper.

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Author Notes: Aleah Sato

by Aleah Sato

Recent contributor Aleah Sato discusses her poetry in Issue XVI: Winter 2012 of The Puritan

“…These fears that fell to my lot out of every day stirred a hundred other fears, and they stood up in me against me and agreed among themselves, and I couldn’t get beyond them.