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Angela Hibbs contributed two poems to The Puritan Issue XXVII. Hibbs answered four questions from The Town Crier about her poems, and we are pleased to present them here.

Town Crier: Do your poems have an origin story, or a compositional history that you’d like to share?

Angela Hibbs: I am obsessed with Francis Bacon. He is my favourite artist. He is so dark, compulsive, and mysterious. I don’t read theoretical work about him on purpose, because I don’t want to read anything about him being misogynist, or stuff that might make me like him less. I find that through liking him, I have also opened up to things like wrestling and boxing, which aren’t things I liked before.

I am not a very compulsive person, except when it comes to coffee and writing, so compulsive behavior interests me, especially that pull that people feel and can’t ignore. It is fascinating to me.

I love the way Bacon depicts movement. I am interested in the way being painted affects a person. The painting is of you, but it isn’t you. It makes for interesting moments in language.

TC: Tell us the best thing you’ve read lately, or a poet/fiction writer you’re jealous of, or a story/short story collection you wish you wrote.

AH: Recently I’ve been reading journals, The Southern Review, Denver Quarterly; the recent story in The New Yorker, “The Empties,” is so good, though I usually don’t like science fiction. I’m also reading Kafka on the Shore.

I wish I had written a lot of things, but Maile Melloy’s Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It comes to mind.

TC: In your practice, what would you say is the balance between silliness and seriousness?

AH: I like serious work, but I mostly consider myself a silly writer. I don’t know a lot about a lot of things. I know my impression of things. I like to take the mick. Basically, my poem, “Market ready product,” is a (respectful) send up of Emily Dickinson’s “My Life had stood—a Loaded Gun.”

TC: Did music lyrics have anything to do with the piece we’re publishing? Were any particular lyrics important to you in your development as a writer? Is there any recent lyricist you’ve been digging? Is there any piece of writing, by you or someone else, that you would like to see turned into a song?

AH: I listen to Erik Satie everyday. Again, I haven’t read anything biographical about him, because I don’t want him to be ruined for me. The opening notes of “Jazzopédie” change my heart rate, I swear.

I would like anything I’ve written to be turned into a song! That would be great. Especially a Destiny’s Child song.

Angela Hibbs is the author of three collections of poetry, most recently Sin Eater (ARP books). Her work has been translated into Russian and French. She was awarded the 2010 Joseph S. Stauffer Prize. Follow her on Twitter @hibbsangela.

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