Month: January 2017

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Interview with Ashley Little

by Danila Botha

I first met Ashley Little at the Toronto book launch of her dark debut novel, Prick: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist (Tightrope Books, 2011). She has since written the excellent Anatomy of a Girl Gang (Arsenal Pulp, 2013), which won the Ethel Wilson fiction prize, and was a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Awards.

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The Fantasy of the Cool Girl

by Dana Ewachow

The Cool Girl exists in beer commercials and raunchy comedies. She lives in chick flicks that want to fling internalized misogyny at their female target demographic. She’s just “one of the guys.” Last year, I wrote a piece about Manic Pixie Dream Girls: the fantasy of a beautiful, quirky young woman who helps push a man out of his comfort zone.

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Titles, Touring, Snapchat, and Adele: A Conversation with Greg Zorko

by Suzanna Derewicz

The first time I stumbled upon Greg Zorko’s work was this past summer with the launch of Peach Mag. The folks at Metatron (also the publishers of his book, Ghost In The Club) shared the poems on their Facebook page. I had been spending a lot of time working to find specificity in my own poetry and questioning what I was trying to say through my work.

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Un-dream Away the Trump Era with Me

by E Martin Nolan

We live in untrustworthy times, haunted increasingly by bad dreams. Trump’s terrible dream overcame the lamely peddled and tainted dream of his opponent. It overcame his obvious unfitness for office. Now he is president. What can be done about it? Let’s un-dream the bad dreams.

Trump’s dream feeds on anger and resentment stoked by outlets shilling false or skewed stories,

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Author Note: Andy Verboom

by Andy Verboom

Andy Verboom is the author of the poem “Jesus H. Christ Does Private Dancing,” which appeared in The Puritan’s latest issue, Fall 2016. Read the poem, “keep your doubt in your pants,” and find out what influenced its composition in the following author note.

“Jesus H.

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Making Space: A Review of Erin Wunker’s Notes from a Feminist Killjoy

by Kathryn Stagg

I started reading Notes from a Feminist Killjoy the day after the UBC Accountable letter was published. Only a few days had passed since the US elections and I, like many, was feeling distressed. With the publication of the letter, I felt both fragile and hardened at once; about to break and moulded into something hard and unforgiving.

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Author Note: Richard Georges

by Richard Georges

As part of our ongoing Author Notes series, The Town Crier presents this note from Richard Georges, whose poem “Blue Runner” appeared in The Puritan Issue 35. Here, he talks about some of the poets he admires and who have influenced his work.

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All Sales Final: Literary Toronto After Honest Ed’s

by Jason Freure

Nobody has bothered to change the lightbulbs for years. Still, the marquee on Honest Ed’s always gave Bathurst and Bloor the atmosphere of a side show, like a piece of the Ex preserved out of season. But now that the lights are off for good and the wrecking ball is on its way, a big piece of Toronto’s self-image is missing from the Annex.

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Interview with Eliza Robertson

by Rory Gleeson

Eliza Robertson is a Canadian writer based in the UK, currently completing a PhD at the University of East Anglia, and is the author of Wallflowers. She talked with Rory Gleeson, an Irish writer coming to the end of a two-year stay in Canada, via a dodgy Skype connection.

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Author Note: Kyle Kinaschuk

by Kyle Kinaschuk

The poem “Architecture I” by Kyle Kinaschuk was published in The Puritan Issue 34 in summer 2016. As part of The Town Crier’s Author Notes series, Kyle delves into what inspires and troubles his practice.

I will have begun,