Month: December 2016

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Year-End Sign Off

by Jason Freure

The Town Crier is taking some time off! It’s been a busy year and we’re finally wrapping it up until January.

We published a lot in 2016 and it was an exciting thing to see. I feel lucky to have had the chance to publish pieces like Evangeline Freedman’s graphic essay on Julie Doucet,

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Author Note: Natalie Wee

by Natalie Wee

Natalie Wee published the poem “Yellow Fever” in The Puritan Issue 34, poetry edited by Sonnet L’Abbé. As part of our ongoing Author Note series, Natalie Wee talks about the influences that inspired the poem.

The idea for my piece came after I read Franny Choi’s “To the Man Who Shouted ‘I Like Pork Fried Rice’ at Me on the Street,” which deals with the fetishization of Asian women and how they are often constructed as objects for white male consumption.

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BC Publishing Spotlight: Donna Macdonald

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the past several months, The Town Crier has been featuring short interviews with Canadian authors published by BC publishers, conducted by BC publishing professionals. The latest in the series is an interview with the Sunshine Coast’s Nathaniel G. Moore, author of Jettison (Anvil Press),

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Under the Ash Cloud: A Review of Amina Gautier’s The Loss of All Lost Things

by Kasia Juno

The reclining grey figure on the cover of Amina Gautier’s award-winning collection of short stories The Loss of All Lost Things is immediately recognizable. I have met him before, in a dimly lit rectangular room in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Montreal. He belongs to a buried city, to a city that lost everything.

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Bob Dylan: “I Can’t Think for You, You Have to Decide”

by E Martin Nolan

After the hot takes on his Nobel Prize had cooled and as the award ceremony approached, Bob Dylan reminded us of why he deserved the honour. He declined to attend. Another great spurn from the master.

Dylan is still known for his early protest songs. His great ’60s anthems were “the conscience of a generation”—or something like that.

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Author Note: Jill Talbot

by Jill Talbot

Jill Talbot is the author of two poems, “A Towel’s Life” and “Ontology of Dreams,” in The Puritan’s Summer 2016 issue, poetry edited by Sonnet L’Abbé. For The Town Crier’s ongoing Author Notes series, here she talks about her writing process.

Sometimes I have to step out and look at a flower,

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MicroLit Review: Distributaries by Laura K. McRae

by Annick MacAskill

“Distributary: A branch of river that breaks off and flows away from the main stream.” So reads the epigraph to Laura K. McRae’s debut chapbook, Distributaries. The cover bears a photo showing a section of the Liao River in North East China, while the end matter presents a sketch of the Po River Delta in Italy.

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Author Note: David Alexander

by David Alexander

David Alexander published the poem “Food of the Gods, a How-To Guide” in The Puritan Issue 33, Spring 2016. Like many of his poems, it’s about chickens.

I’m eating wings at Ethel’s Lounge in Waterloo, 2005. My friend Sonal is vegan, and we’re close enough that she doesn’t mind needling me about dinner.