Month: November 2016

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Sex Trolls Learn to Love Genre

by Nora Decter

The first semester I taught creative writing there was one student who terrified me more than the rest because I was fairly certain she was smarter than me. She was also quite sure of this, which led to things sometimes getting a bit awkward in the classroom. I found myself researching hybrid texts when she expressed disappointment that I didn’t have any on the syllabus and farming out her poems to my poet friends because she kept showing up to my office hours and demanding more feedback than I could find it in me to give.

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14 Notes on Tropes

by Stephen Thomas

(These have been excerpted from a longer work.)

3. The bravest and hardest thing is to be humble enough to employ a recognizable trope; that is, to participate in a tradition; that is, to admit you’re human.

15. To me the most profound point of integration between experience and art is in rendering faithfully and resonantly a well-known trope.

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Rambo of Green Gables: Part 1

by Cian Cruise

When you crack open the 1972 edition of David Morrell’s First Blood, this hand-cut inscription awaits: We envy you the experience of reading this book for the first time. – The Editors.

I can think of no better frontispiece for the collection of essays, articles, and nonfiction features storming The Puritan’s Town Crier this November.

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Understorey Magazine: The Women and Justice Issue

by Understorey Magazine

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing coverage of literary magazines across North America, we present an announcement from Understorey Magazine. Read on to hear about their most recent issue, “The Women and Justice Issue.”

Because it’s 2015.
And there’s women in the cabinet
But that might not seem so adequate
To women in the custody of the state …

This poem by Halifax spoken-word artist and activist (and former poet laureate) El Jones opens the most recent issue of Understorey Magazine.

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Underpass Journal Open for Submission

by Underpass Editors

As part of The Town Crier’s ongoing announcement of literary submissions south of the border, we present a call out for Underpass Journal. Read on to hear their mandate from their editorial team.

Introducing Underpass Journal,