Month: September 2016

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BC Publishing Spotlight: Michael Johnson

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the next couple of months, The Puritan’s Town Crier blog will feature short interviews with Canadian authors published by BC publishers, conducted by BC publishing professionals. The latest in the series is an interview with Nathaniel G. Moore, a columnist with subTerrain magazine and BC poet Michael Johnson,

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Guys in My MFA

by Julia Tausch

“But I can’t imagine a really ideal arrangement until we finish the process of relinquishing cultural habits of male primacy. ”
Peter Elbow, Writing with Power

It’s Montreal in the early aughts. I’m doing an MA in English and Creative Writing at Concordia University. It’s pretty amazing and fun,

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Close Reading on the Pitcher’s Mound

by E Martin Nolan


“Like writers, pitchers initiated action, and set the tone for their games. They had all sorts of ways of achieving their effects.”
Michael Lewis, Moneyball

Like writers, pitchers manipulate audiences. They use rhythm and variation to keep opposing batters, their primary audience, off balance while the fans look on in appreciation.

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An Interview with Alex Manley

by Fawn Parker

I sat down with Montreal poet and editor, Alex Manley, to talk about his forthcoming collection with Metatron Press. His manuscript was shortlisted for the 2016 Metatron Prize, and he was later offered a publication deal. He had to reschedule our meeting all of one time (see: brunch with mother), at which point we tentatively titled the interview “Local Diva Stands Up Puritan Editor.” Read an excerpt from his collection here.