Month: February 2016

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Outside the Trauma

by Julienne Isaacs

The Outside Circle (Anansi, 2015) tells the story of Pete, a young Aboriginal man who is incarcerated after a violent incident. Soon, he begins a process of rehabilitation at the “In Search of Your Warrior” program at the Stan Daniels Healing Centre near Edmonton, Alberta. The experience leads him to re-examine his choices in light of family trauma reaching back generations.

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Water’s Visual Potency

by Ray McClaughlin

Comics encompass larger narratives, dealing with anything from abuse, addiction, family, love, war, history, and nature. Yet comics can be taken for granted as trivial anecdotal afterthoughts, as can the depletion of our natural resources. As creative types, wouldn’t it seem wise and timely to use aesthetic prowess to explore and draw attention to issues that threaten our natural habitat?

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BC Publishers Spotlight: Talonbooks

by Nathaniel G. Moore

Over the next couple of months, The Town Crier will be featuring short interviews with Canadian authors published by B.C. publishers, conducted by B.C. publishing professionals. The first in the series is an interview with Talon Books poet Garry Thomas Morse by Harbour Publishing’s Nathaniel G.

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Picking Sides in Comics: If Comics Are Literature, Why Don’t I Feel like a Writer?

by Laura Kenins

Holiday and birthday money never came with the stipulation not to spend it on comics in our house (although it did come with a ban on video games, which I always found strange, as we never owned a video game console). My dad was often an enthusiastic reader of our Archie comics after (or before) we’d finished with them.