Month: January 2016

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How to Fall in Love in New Brunswick

by Damien Caissie

Counting the Port Authority bus terminal, the cab, the Jazz hostel, and the unremarkable sports bar, I had probably been in Manhattan for an hour. Two hours by the time that she mentioned wanting to have mixed children because “white kids are so boring.” I wouldn’t have dared make eye contact with Lilia in Moncton or even Fredericton;

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Small Town Asshole I

by Julie Mannell

Julie Mannell is The Town Crier’s guest editor this month. Her poem,“That Space Between Blankets That Holds Your Scent,” was featured in issue 26 of The Puritan. Here she reflects on her relationship with her hometown. 

My relationship with my hometown,

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A Year of Strong Opinions

by E Martin Nolan

E Martin Nolan reflects on the tragedies of 2015, “PC Culture,” and navigating a generation of individual morality. 

The last days of 2015 are dripping away like the runoff from a light snow followed by an unseasonable warm spell. It’s been another hot year, and not just temperature-wise. This was the year marked by Trump and Bernie,