Month: November 2015

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Building Minas Tirith

by Jason Freure

Every time I hold a book from The Lord of the Rings in my hands, I immediately flip toward the maps in the back. JRR Tolkien was a master of world-making, devoting thousands of pages of notes to Middle Earth’s history, languages, genealogies, and geography, beyond The Hobbit and LOTR themselves.

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Author Notes: Sara Jane Strickland

by Sara Jane Strickland

Two poems by Sara Jane Strickland appear in Issue 29 of The Puritan. Here she speaks with The Town Crier about the inspiration behind her poetry.

Town Crier: Do your poems have an interesting origin story/compositional history that you’d like to share? This could include interesting factoids or bits of research that informed the poems.

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Louis D Rubin Jr.: The Novel is Always Dying

by Patrick Roesle

When the editors approached me to ask if I had any interest in curating The Town Crier for a month, I was living in the US Virgin Islands. (The things I do for love, as the pink cartoon dog was apt to sigh). I was about as fit a transplant for St.