Month: November 2015

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Author Notes: Souvankham Thammavongsa

by Souvankham Thammavongsa

Souvankham Thammavongsa is the author of the story “Mani Pedi,” featured in Issue 30 of The Puritan. The story follows a tomato can boxer who has to leave the sport or inevitably suffer brain trauma. After drifting through several menial jobs, his sister recruits him for her nail salon.

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BLACK FRIDAY: A Year in Review on Nov. 27

by The Puritan

The Puritan is having its fourth annual year-in-review celebration at The Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton Street, Toronto, ON). Join us in closing out the Fall Season with mirth, merry-making, and maybe even maypoles. Come meet the staff, editors, and contributors who made the magazine in 2015.

BLACK FRIDAY 2015 is a night of celebrations to announce and honour the winners of our Fourth Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence,

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Excursions in the Art of Lying

by John Nyman

When derek beaulieu says, “please, no more poetry,” Daniel Scott Tysdal’s Fauxccasional Poems may seem like the last place to turn for a response. Playful, dense, and brilliantly executed in line with a variety of well-established (and difficult!) poetic forms, it’s as easy to read Tysdal’s work as a master craftsman’s homage to poetry as it has always been.

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Author Notes: Scott Nolan

by Scott Nolan

Two of Scott Nolan’s poems, Elvis and me” and “Ten above tomorrow”, were published in Issue 30 of  The Puritan. 

I started writing poetry in January 2015, approximately three weeks after my 40th birthday. The plan was to replace smoking cigarettes with walking eight to ten kilometres a day.

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Questions for JC Bouchard

by Domenica Martinello

It’s been an exciting year for poet JC Bouchard. What started as a conversation in a bar about why poets don’t tour the same way musicians do quickly escalated into a successfully crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign. After breezing past the minimum fundraising goal of $1,000 by pulling in close to $4,000 with the enthusiastic backing of the Canadian literary community, 

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Pillow: An Interview with Andrew Battershill

by Dana Ewachow

Andrew Battershill’s first book, Pillow, was released by Coach House Books in October 2015. Puritan publicity agent Dana Ewachow interviewed him about the book, working with Coach House, and his writing process.

Dana Ewachow: First things first: why the name Pillow?

Andrew Battershill: I submitted my manuscript to Coach House under the title You Feel Me?

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Author Notes: Randy Lundy

by Randy Lundy

Randy Lundy’s poem,“An Ecology of Being and Non-Being,” appeared in Issue 30 of The Puritan. Here he speaks with The Town Crier about drawing inspiration from memory, and shares some of his favourite literature and music. 

“An Ecology of Being and Non-Being” began as most of my recent writing has: in my backyard or from the desire to be in my backyard,

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Writing a Profitable Suicide Note

by Ian Murdock

Step 1: Monetize your blog. Get yourself AdSense.

Step 2: Designate beneficiaries in your will.

Step 3: Write it out. Make sure that you follow my 3 S’s of a Viral Suicide Note™: Specific, Sober, & Search engine optimized. You don’t want it to be a vague drunken rant with no keywords.