Month: October 2015

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The Fundamental Art of Storytelling

by Gary Chandler

Two years into my college career, I decided to change tracks completely and pursue something I actually enjoyed: creative writing. When I mention this, most people have a tendency to stifle a laugh and ask—as politely as possible—what I’m doing with that degree. I don’t take offense. I get it; reading as a form of entertainment has been proclaimed to be on its deathbed more times than anyone cares to count.

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The Writer and the Kindle

by Patrick Roesle

In the 1960s, Marshall McLuhan observed the radical effects of television on North American culture and came to what was then a new and disturbing conclusion: the curtain was falling on the age of the printed word. The extent to which history has borne out his prophecies is well illustrated by a remark made by tech hero Steve Jobs during the first decade of Web 2.0.