Month: July 2015

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Feeling Postmodern, Failing Postmodern

by John Nyman

When I first picked up Edward Nixon’s debut poetry collection, The Fissures of Our Throats (Guernica Editions, 2014), I feared the book would bury itself taking a too-familiar stance in the all-but-exhausted debate around lyric identity, its denouncement by certain postmodern avant-gardes, and the ever-contentious role of “theory.” As an author,

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Interview with Alana Wilcox of Coach House Books

by Jasmine Gui

Puritan staffer Jasmine Gui sat down with the editorial director of Coach House Books, Alana Wilcox, to talk about the publishing business, digitization, and books as books.

Jasmine Gui: For bookmakers and booksellers, books have a very specific value. There’s the manuscript, the production process, and of course,

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The Puritan Authors Omnibus Interview

by The Puritan Editorial Staff

In this omnibus interview, the editorial staff catches up with five past Puritan authors to ask about their 2015 releases. The authors of Otter, ChinkstarWhat You Need, Microphone Lessons for Poets, and A More Perfect [ talk about their latest projects and obsessions below.

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On the Magdalen Islands

by André Forget

In Alistair MacLeod’s much-anthologized short story “The Boat,” a father allows himself to be washed overboard while fishing off the coast of Cape Breton so that his son will leave the island to pursue an education on the mainland. The story is told with a kind of Romantic matter-of-factness that gives its otherwise pedestrian rural characters the aureole of high tragedy as it reaffirms the harsh reality of their lives.

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Scarberia on the Toronto Poetry Map

by Jason Freure

Toronto is a privileged place to write poetry in Canada. It’s not cheap to live here, the national publishing houses don’t particularly care about all of the poets around, and in the digital age, an unknown Canadian in Burnt Church likely has an equal shot at publishing with Coach House as one in the Annex.

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Author Notes: Carolyn Nakagawa

by Carolyn Nakagawa

“Saturday night Safeway run,” a poem by Carolyn Nakagawa, appeared in The Puritan Issue 29As part of The Town Crier’s Author Notes series, Carolyn Nakagawa gave us some insight into the inspiration and composition of her poem.

The idea behind “Saturday night Safeway run” came from riding the bus at night.

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In Defense of Literary Contests

by Daniel Scott Tysdal

The good folks at The Puritan have invited me to say a few words about winning the fiction category of the Third Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence. I am a big fan of literary contests and have been submitting to them since the days rejection letters were actually letters.