Month: April 2015

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Montreal’s Argo Bookshop: A Sturdy Camp

by JP Karwacki

Argo Bookshop (1915 Ste-Catherine St. O.) is Montreal’s oldest English-language bookstore. Opened by John George in 1966, it now belongs to Meaghan Acosta and JP Karwacki. Despite its 200 square feet, the store stocks no fewer than 6,000 titles. The store is also host to both the Argo Open Mic and its Featured Reading Series,

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The Crisis of Bookstores

by Jason Freure

This month, The Town Crier investigates the long, slow decline of bookstores in North America. Curated by Jason Freure, the Crier‘s April offerings will include essays, interviews, and editorial pieces examining the current crisis in bookstore culture.

Your favourite bookstore is closing. Why? In all of the bookstore obituaries,