Month: March 2015

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Bums, Bikers, and Tattoo Parlours

by Jason Freure

Chroniques du Centre-Sud, Richard Suicide’s latest graphic novel, documents the residents and businesses that characterized the decrepit heart of Montreal’s le Centre-Sud in the late ’80s. In this archive, the area around the corner of rue Dorion and Ontario has more tattoo parlours than bars and more bars than grocery stores,

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Interview: dalton derkson

by Jessica Bebenek

dalton derksen is a punk poet from the prairies. He runs Hurtin’ Crüe Press. This interview is part of a month-long series on “place” in contemporary Canadian writing.

Jessica Bebenek: You began writing poetry in your home town of Mortlach, Saskatchewan, moved to Ottawa to study Applied Linguistics at Carleton,

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Where We Are: The Place of “Place” In Contemporary Canadian Writing

by André Forget

There is, I must admit, something a little soporific about this title. Those even remotely aware of the history of Canadian literature will know that “place” is, supposedly, our great literary obsession—the focus of many tedious monographs and book-length studies and seminars that talk about the vastness of the Canadian landscape, the existential anxieties facing vulnerable humans in an indifferent wilderness,