Month: August 2014

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The Myth of Multiculturalism

by E Martin Nolan

In The Puritan’s recent “Littered T.O.” supplement, Amy Lavender Harris claims that “multiculturalism is Toronto’s strongest cultural myth.” She is right. Still, it’s difficult to picture just how such a myth would be constructed. That multiculturalism is Toronto’s defining characteristic is beyond doubt. The New York Times echoed this reality in a popular piece praising “Toronto’s Ethnic Buffet.”

The question becomes: how can multiculturalism be a cultural myth?

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The Menace of Leisure

by Domenica Martinello

Unfortunately for the city of Toronto, there are not many opportunities to drink a beer with your cereal and have it deemed socially acceptable. But thanks to a few subtle but significant tweaks, the August 6th launch of The Trouble with Brunch, the new title by Coach House Books author Shawn Micallef

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In Conversation with Dave Hurlow

by Caryn Cathcart

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m reading about an infamous literati from Halifax who also happens to be a lizard—a time travelling lizard who once, in a gamble of love and loss, got mixed into the Dreyfus Affair. So, to rephrase: it’s Sunday afternoon and I am intrigued.

The Lizard Man hails from Toronto-based Dave Hurlow’s first collection of short stories,

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The King of Midtown

by Jason Freure

Who is the most iconic Torontonian that you can think of? I’ve heard many answers: Mel Lastman, Margaret Atwood, Drake, Rob Ford, and Jane Jacobs among them. But there was one name I never heard, though his face appears on CP24 more often than the mayor’s,

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The Forest for the Trees

by Ryan Pratt

As an arctic freeze descended over North America this past winter, breaking record lows that had held their own since the late 1800s, my wife and I were unpacking boxes in our new apartment in Hamilton. It might as well have been Hoth, the ice-covered planet from the Star Wars universe. Virtually inhospitable to wide-eyed enthusiasm,

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Drake: The Master Marketer of Toronto

by E Martin Nolan

Drake’s not much of a rapper. At best, his lame auto-tune hooks piggy-back on better rappers’ work in the verses. He’s a brand and an advertiser more than an artist. But what does that mean for Toronto, the city which he’s consistently promoting? Cynically, one could argue that Drake’s promotion of Toronto is simply a shrewd marketing ploy: it’s a major city without a major star representing it.

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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

by André Forget

In the following special post, editor André Forget discusses the genesis of Whether, a brand new online literary magazine based out of Winnipeg, Toronto, and New York.

I have no idea when exactly I decided it would be fun to start a magazine, but I think it was some time back in October.