Month: July 2014

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Montreal Lit Night at The Ossington

by Jason Freure

The diary entry is the newly trending genre among Montreal’s young English-language writers. Three of micro-press Metatron’s authors opened Montreal Lit Night on July 3rd at The Ossington, an event that counted a great number of Torontonians among its audience members. All three had one thing in common: they wrote semi-autobiographical poems and stories about ordinary events.

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Reading Kafka in the Czech Republic

by Tracy Kyncl

I am reading Kafka’s The Castle while visiting my family in the Czech Republic. Can you imagine a more appropriately meta setting than that? Admittedly, this is my first experience with Kafka. I’ve explored my cultural heritage more through film and drama as provided by courses taught by Professor Veronika Ambros at the University of Toronto than I have through “the classics” of literature.

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Walt Whitman’s Toronto

by E. Martin Nolan

Walt Whitman wasn’t perfect. Even in a book that proclaims Whitman as America’s “Better Angel,” Roy Morris argues that traces of a particularly New York-form of racism (where slavery was sanctioned until 1828) could be found in the Old Grey Poet. Morris quotes from a 1858 editorial by Whitman: “is not America for the Whites?