Month: June 2014

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Author Notes: Victoria Hetherington

by Victoria Hetherington

Author Victoria Hetherington discusses her excerpt from her upcoming novel I Have to Tell You, featured in Issue 25: Spring 2014 of The Puritan.

Like many people, I often feel huge nostalgia for my interpretation of bygone eras—experienced particularly through music. My recent obsession with The Velvet Underground led to a fascination with Andy Warhol’s Factory and,

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Musicality, Movement, Punch, and Writing as Wrestling

by Phoebe Wang, Shawn Sims, E Martin Nolan

aisha s j photo2014 has been busy for past-Puritan authors. No fewer than 10 of their books have been published recently. So we decided to check in on them and ask them one question each. This time, we talked to Aisha Sasha John, Nancy Jo Cullen, Angela Hibbs, and David James Brock.

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Author Notes: philip gordon

by philip gordon

Puritan author philip gordon explains the presence of Slurpees in his work.

I have decided to use this space to talk about the poetic properties of Slurpees. I’ve written a few poems about them, and the profile photo for my Twitter account is me grinning and holding a giant Slurpee.