Month: May 2014

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Why I Like Miley Cyrus

by Tracy Kyncl

A few nights ago, I had a dream about Miley Cyrus. The details are scanty and I don’t really remember anything. Nevertheless, feeling a mysterious pull toward the scandalous starlet, I listened to her album on my way to work. Once there, I spotted a special Miley Cyrus issue of a magazine and,

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Multicultural Diversity in Children’s Literature

by Nicole R. Grimaldi

Dalton Higgins’s article, “What Does Diversity in Book Publishing Mean to You?” published late last week on Open Book Toronto, reflects on diversity in children’s literature and the obstacles authors face in attempting to publish alternative content aimed at youth.

A report released in the U.S.

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Book City Annex Closes

by Jason Freure

Toronto’s literary scene moved out of the Annex years ago. Dennis Lee, bpNichol, Gwendolyn MacEwan, and many others wrote about and lived in the Annex during its heyday as a neighbourhood of students, writers, and artists. By the 1990s, Warren Dunford was mocking the crowds of young writers typing away at Future Bakery as if the Annex’s mythic geography would rub greatness onto their own manuscripts.