Month: January 2014

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Luso, Lisbon, DISQUIET, Dzanc

by Oona Patrick

This is an exciting time for the Luso (Portuguese and Lusophone) writing community in the United States and Canada. Despite Maisonneuve’s gloomy “What’s Eating Little Portugal?”, 2013 saw the publication of Memória, the first anthology of Portuguese–Canadian writing, and Anthony De Sa’s second novel,

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“Poetry Communities Are Elemental to My Life”

by Jess Taylor

Writers on Their Communities: The First in a Series. 

This interview was conducted as part of Jess Taylor’s research into literary communities on both sides of The US-Canadian Border. That research has gone into an essay that will appear in The Puritan later this year.

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Descant 163

by Tracy Kyncl

While the early winter season can be slow for readings and launches there are still a few publishers and publications confident enough in their readership to invite patrons to celebrate with them during even the most freezing conditions. On January 23rd, 2014 I attended the launch of Descant’s 163rd issue : The Brink and the Break.

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The Artist as Criminal

by Jason Freure

Each scene of Susanna Fournier’s play Stencilboy and Other Portraits ended with a soap opera-esque dramatic drum roll. Everything else worked just fine, though, which means I can focus on playwright Fournier’s writing rather than the production.

Theatre tends to get left out of the literary circle. It has its own listings in the free weeklies and radically different social scenes,

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From the Vaults: Kathryn Mockler

by Kathryn Mockler

Past Puritan author (and Rusty Toque and Joyland editor) Kathryn Mockler discusses her poems (from way back in Issue 9: Winter 2010!) and the digital drawings and political unrest that inspired them.

“Global Warming” and “Gun Shots” are early versions of poems from my second poetry book,

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From the Vaults: William Doreski

by William Doreski

Past Puritan contributor William Doreski discusses Jack Gilbert, inspiration for his poem from Issue 12: Winter 2011, “To An Old Poet Dying Young.”

When I wrote “To An Old Poet Dying Young,” Jack Gilbert was still alive. A few years before, he had visited the college where I teach,

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Kill For Poetry

by André Babyn

Don’t kill for poetry. By that I mean don’t take a gun into your hands, like Mark David Chapman (or Robert John Bardo, or John Hinckley Jr.), and shoot John Lennon (or Rebecca Schaeffer, or Ronald Reagan, respectively) because you were moved by The Catcher in the Rye. Don’t become so affected by a work of art,

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From the Vaults: Aleah Sato

by Aleah Sato

Past Puritan contributor Aleah Sato discusses her poem, “The Wild Woman,” from Issue 16: Winter 2012, and the wild women that inspired it. 

“… These fears that fell to my lot out of every day stirred a hundred other fears, and they stood up in me against me and agreed among themselves,

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The Crier Presents: The Writing Moment

by Daniel Scott Tysdal

“In that moment, poetry will be made by everyone,”

—Chris Marker

In the final moments of his best film, Sans Soleil, Chris Marker points us to an imagined poetry-rich future, an instant in which, as he puts it, “poetry will be made by everyone.” This line really hit me,

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From the Vaults: Martin Balgach

by Martin Balgach

Past Puritan contributor Martin Balgach discusses his poem from Issue 12: Winter 2011—and using automatic writing to craft an edgy aesthetic.

“Thrill Wanting Wormhole” was written during my second semester of MFA work in the Vermont College program. It was an experimental, unabashed time for my writing.