Month: August 2013

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Canadian Summer Reading: A List

by Jason Freure

My Canadian summer reading lists have almost always been a game of catch-up. Summer means four straight months of binging on all those titles launched during the school year, and in case you missed them, too, here’s a look at the (mostly) Canadian titles that have crossed my bedside table for The Puritan’s Town Crier.

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First Week on the Job: What Small and Large Scale Literary Events Have to Offer

by Tracy Kyncl

Publicity Agent Tracy Kyncl reports on two literary events from last week in Toronto.

One role of The Puritan’s new Publicity Agents is to attend literary events across the city, and as far as fresh crops of staffers go, we have it pretty good. This past week I decided it would be fun to structure my logophilia-laden social calendar around a comparison of scale.

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In Praise of the Blatantly Poetic—P.P.S: Do You Copy?

by E. Martin Nolan

There’s been another argument. About lyrics, I think. Involving someone named Major Perloff? A sniper? At least very selective and narrow in scope. Also involving obnoxious suits and imprecise talk of “poetic capital”? Archivists who think they’re the first person to find out it’s weird to transcribe spoken or recorded language talking down to poets like they didn’t already know that?

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Author Notes: Eric Lloyd Blix

by Eric Lloyd Blix

Read Eric Lloyd Blix’s short story “Project Ω” in Issue XXI: Spring 2013 of The Puritan.

An Itemized list of Facts, Observations, and Impressions of the the Contemporary World vis a vis the Short Story, “Project Ω,” by its own Author, that,