Month: July 2013

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Author Notes: Camille Martin

by Camille Martin

Read Camille Martin’s poetry in Issue XXI: Spring 2013 of The Puritan here.

Anselm Hollo: Motes & Pellets

My work appearing in The Puritan is from a manuscript of short poems entitled R Is the Artichoke of Rose.

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Author Notes: Kevin Hardcastle

by Kevin Hardcastle

Read (and listen to!) Kevin Hardcastle’s fantastic story “Bandits” in Issue XXI: Spring 2013 of The Puritan here.

The Puritan: Hi Kevin Hardcastle! Does your story have an interesting origin story/compositional history you’d like to share? This could include interesting factoids or bits of research that informed the work.

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The Ruckus Reading Series Brings the Noise to the Danforth

by E. Martin Nolan

The Toronto reading series youth movement is strong. You’ve all heard of Emerging Writers, which packs ’em in once a month at Duffy’s. But on the Danforth portion of the East-West subway line, the folks at The Ruckus Reading Series are preparing the second instalment of their own series aimed at amping things up a bit,

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“It’s Something You Really Need to See for Yourself:” Alicia Louise Merchant of Write Club and Raconteurs

by Jess Taylor

“The main reason why I do these things is because they are events I like attending.” Writer, host, and curator, Alicia Louise Merchant has two series under her belt—Raconteurs, a live storytelling event, and Write Club, an event where writers compete against one another by reading work they’ve prepared the week before and receiving votes from the live audience.

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“There Was a Void of Good, Long Form Sports Writing:” Questions for Mike Spry of The Barnstormer

by E. Martin Nolan

The-Round-BusTHE BARNSTORMER is a literary sports journal that was founded in May of 2012 by Andrew Forbes, Bryan Jay Ibeas, Ian Orti, and Mike Spry. It aims to celebrate the intersection of sports and humanity with good writing. It means to be an open, accommodating, inclusive forum for considered,

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Sports Poems that Work: Mike Spry Edition

by E. Martin Nolan

In “Atrophy and Labour Day Baseball,” featured on The Barnstormer, Mike Spry tells the story of one couple watching a baseball game. It begins comically. The husband has a third beer, then a seventh, and “only then does he notice the sexual tension/ in the catcher/umpire relationship.”

The wife describes how she would like to kill him “with a paring knife,/ in Tulsa,

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Puritan Editor Tyler Willis Interviewed at Open Book Toronto

by The Puritan Editors

Puritan editor Tyler Willis was recently interviewed over at Open Book Toronto by Writer in Residence and former Puritan contributor, Andrew Faulkner (whose  poetry collection Need Machine was published by Coach House this past Spring) in a four-way round-table conversation about editors and editing.

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Poetry of Lyrics: The Uncluded

by Jessica Bebenek

Do you ever have this problem where you want to listen to music, but you actually don’t want to listen to music, you just want to hear people say words arranged in a really provoking and emotionally moving way and then set to music? Yeah, me too.

Lucky for us, folk singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson and rapper Aesop Rock have teamed-up to create The Uncluded,