Month: April 2013

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Submission Guidelines: Guiding Lines into Submission

by Kevin Kvas

My word count is limited, but unlike Phoebe Wang, whose Romantic defense of Creative Writing (and the Poetry Workshop) in response to my review of Matthew Tierney’s Probably Inevitable is tellingly lyrical in its self-enclosed privileging of itself as its own source text, I have no qualms about speaking in other voices.

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Toronto Literary Events in April

by Shaun E. Hogan

Let your icy shell drip off, cancel your psychotherapy appointment: spring is finally here. And with it, April—and with April, a new batch of Toronto literary events to hit up.

This time around, we have the venerable Barry Callaghan launching his new book of poems, HOGG; we have Descant unveiling their spring issue,

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Coach House Books Spring Launch Thursday

by E. Martin Nolan

Hey Folks,

Coach House Books is back with another round of … books!

Bit late to the punch on this, we know, but if you ain’t heard, be sure to check out the Coach House Books Spring Launch. This bi-yearly always features an exciting bunch of readers giving short but sweet tastes of their latest offering.

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On Meeting Other Writers

by Andrew F. Sullivan

A friend of mine gave me a review IrmaVothcopy of Irma Voth by Miriam Toews a few years ago. It hadn’t been released to the public yet, it didn’t have a proper cover, and on the back it warned me that there might be spelling mistakes or copy-editing errors riddled throughout.